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About us


Armenian Technological Academy (ATA) has been active since 1993 as a non- governmental scientific organization. ATA has about 100 members.

The basic trends of ATA activities:
• Creation of global and regional prognoses on the technological development and alternative options of development.
• Assistance in elaborating and fostering of technologies for the sustainable development.
• Consulting on the technology transfer.
• On-line training courses of technology transfer and innovation management.

Current Projects:
- Creation of informational website which will present in different languages the works of Levon Erzinkyan and other scientists on the "Narine" product
- Drafting of global prognoses on the technological development relative to basic areas of development till 2020.
- Definition of priorities of regional technological development as exemplified on Caucasus region.
-Creation of electronic catalogue on the technologies elaborated in Armenia.
- Elaboration of the new-generation diet products to prevent the basic systems’ diseases.
- Elaboration of non-drug methods, devices and technologies for monitoring and maintenance of active longevity in a human.

Some of our scientists (full list in the Russian version):

• Vanush G. Davtyan - President ATA
• Jhon Sarkisyan - Honourable President ATA
• Eduard Edikiselov - 1-st Vice-president ATA
• Arkady F. Gevorgyan - Vice-president ATA
• Irina R. Ovakimyan - Vice-president ATA, The Main Scientific Secretary ATA
• Valentin V. Martinov - Vice-president ATA
• Telman Tz. Saroyan - Member of Presidium ATA
• Aharon A. Chilingaryan - Member ATA
• Egor Abramyan - Member of Presidium ATA
• Zaven Amiryan - Member of Presidium ATA
• Areg M. Simonyan
• Ruben Arutunyan - Member of Presidium ATA
• Georgy Eganov - Member of Presidium ATA
• Gagik Karagezyan - Member of Presidium ATA
• Gagik Makaryan - Member of Presidium ATA
• Ivan Semenov - Member of Presidium ATA
• Robert Tovmasyan - Member of Presidium ATA
• Johne Sarkissyan - Member of Presidium ATA
• Lala Tevosyan - Member of Presidium ATA

• Mihail A. Pogosyan (Russia) - Member ATA
• Samvel A. Chezmatchyan - Member ATA
• Anzelo Palego (Italy) - Member ATA
• Shtefan Hayman (Germany) - Member ATA
• Robert Layzer (Germany) - Member ATA
• Vazgen V. Pogosyan - Member ATA

Head of a department according to the intellectual property - Ura Gavrilenko

• Gagik Z. Ohanyan (30.12.1947-5.12.2008)- 1 -st President ATA
• Kanstantin I. Malkhasyan - 1-st Honourable President ATA
• Carlos D. Danielyan - Member of Presidium ATA
• Bagrat T. Garibdjanyan - Member ATA
•Paris M. Herouni - Member ATA
• Fadey T. Sarkisyan - Honourable Member ATA
• Karlos Petrossyan - Member of Presidium ATA
• Pavel M. Mirzoyanc - Vice-president ATA
• Karen A. Kyandaryan - Honourable President ATA
• David B. Davidyan Member of Presidium ATA
• Ararat Melkonyan - Vice-president ATA
• Emin S. Matoyan - Honourable President ATA

The full list, see ψς the Russian version
Our partners
• NewPOL Network
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• Center "Ikar"
• BioEcoMed
Armenian Innovation Center