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Even the best top-manager may not know all about of the technology of production or to resolve all the issues on how to optimize the company's activities.
Because of this lost tens of thousands, if not millions dollar s of profit.
For the best solution to these problems, we suggest that you connect qualified consultants, results, activities which you feel undoubtedly in the first year of cooperation with us.
Tel. 011 561648, 055 561648

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Theoretical prerequisites for creating cold fusion reactor
Категория: Энергетика | Новость от: admin | 23-07-2014

UDK 539.172.12/.16 + 539.172.13

David Davidyan, Igor Danilov, Rafael Tumanyan, Vanush Davtyan
E-mail: Skype: serg.davtyan

The paper proposes a theoretical model which explains the energy output in cold fusion reactions, while using nickel and copper. The technique, presented by the authors, allows to determine what other isotopes of chemical elements can be used to optimize the energy output. The results can be used to create a source of energy for industrial purposes.

Cold fusion is considered by the example of metal Ni and Cu.
Ni + p (proton) + Ea = isotope Cu + γ (photon), unstable isotope decays with energy release.
Where there is Ea - the activation energy is necessary to penetrate proton into the nucleus of nickel, γ (photon) - radiation associated with the restructuring of the nucleus.
Natural Nickel contains 5 stable isotopes:
58Ni (68.27 %),
60Ni (26.10 %),
61Ni (1.13 %),
62Ni (3.59 %),
64Ni (0.91 %).

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Armenian Technological Academy
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 18-10-2013

Armenian Technological Academy

Non-governmental scientific organization founded in 1993. ATA has more than 100 members.

The basic trends of ATA activities:

• Elaboration and introduction of environmentally clean technologies.
• Determination of regional technological development priorities.
• Promoting the development and the advancement of technology.

Projects of Armenian Technological Academy:

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The effective cleaning of radioactive liquid wastes using the thermo-chemically modified natural zeolites of Armenia
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 11-04-2013

Proposal about the introduction of results of the project entitled:
“The effective cleaning of radioactive liquid wastes using the thermo-chemically modified natural zeolites of Armenia”
1. The urgency of problem
The natural resources including zeolites are the important component of economical and industrial progress, necessary for the development of society. At the atomic power stations (APS) during the working process liquid radioactive wastes (LRW) appear. These LRW include more than 200 different products of radioactive decay and isotopes. At present it is necessary to remove them into the environment after the cleaning for long-term storing. For this work rather rigid requirements concerning the content of radioactive touch are presented; that’s why the liquid wastes undergo for effective cleaning.

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Conference - medicine and to longevity, a healthy way of life, culture of the feed, the activated water, new technologies in medicine
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 26-08-2011

The Armenian technological academy together with the International academy of sciences on ecology and safety of ability to live
On August, 28 2011 in sanatorium " Lusinma" in Arzni
Organizes a conference - seminar on questions medicine and to longevity, a healthy way of life, culture of the feed, the activated water, new technologies in medicine.
Information on ph. (37410)-524-524, 091-510293 and in site
Buses depart at 10.00 o'clock from the underground the "Republic Square" on street.Nalbandyan

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Категория: Здоровье | Новость от: admin | 10-08-2011

PB - concerns to a new class of natural peptide bioregulators with powerful immunocorrecting activity. It is synthetic analogue of endogenous peptides, developed in an organism of the humans and animals during normal ability to live.

The list of innovative projects developed in Armenia
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 22-06-2011

1. Development of the technology of obtaining the ecologically pure complex biofertilizer of new generation on the basis of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms and modified zeolites.
2. Application of new energy technologies in solid fuel “small power-engineering” aiming the obtaining the precious metals from low-calorie coals and shale oils of Armenia.

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The discussion of possibilities of application of methods of linear and nonlinear wave dynamics to probabilities determination in wandering problems.
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 31-03-2011

The discussion of possibilities of application of methods of linear and nonlinear wave dynamics to probabilities determination in wandering problems.

A.G. Bagdoev, S.H. Kasparyan, G.A.Manukyan, N.K.Manukyan,
Institute of Mechanics National Academy of Science Armenia.
1. We begin the solution of one dimensional wandering problem from consideration of concrete examples of wandering of particle, which in moments of time ( N=1,2,…) jumps on step to right and to left with probabilities and . By solving of problem of determination of probability density of process and after transition from discrete formulas to continuous, one can obtain differential equation of Raleigh [1]

Armenian Technological Academy Projects
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: Admin | 25-01-2011

ATA web sites: -,
ATA - Compiling of global and regional prognosis of technologies and
alternative variants of development, assistance for work out and advance of technologies for sustainable development, consulting on technologies transfer, compiling of global prognosis for technologies development on basic/fundamental directions before 2020, priorities definition of the regional technological development after the example of Caucasus, creation of the electronic catalogue on technologies worked out in Armenia, working out electronic ways, equipments and technologies for dietetic product of new generation, for allergy prophylaxis, some of heart-vascular diseases- the organism basic system and metabolism failure, working out/development of non medical ways, equipments and
technologies for keeping the person’s active longevity.

Armenian Technological Academy Projects :
The Silica-organic Model of the Person and Health Restoration Recommendation
Категория: Здоровье | Новость от: admin | 24-11-2010

Melikyan M.A, Davtyan V. G.
Armenian Technological Academy
The article focuses on the main principles of functioning of living organisms and the organism regulation aspects. It is evident that the living organism practically contains nearly all chemical elements, and certain biological functions relate to each of them. The deficiency of any element can cause serious disease. The semiconductors, such as silica, selenium, and germanium are of paramount importance for the organism functioning. They transform the mechanical energy into electric impulse transmitting into the brain, and the impulses coming out of the brain are transformed into a mechanical energy necessary for the vital activity of the organism.
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Категория: Архив | Новость от: Admin | 13-10-2010

Institute of Mechanics of National Academy of Sciences Armenia

Evolution equations are powerful tools for investigations of acoustic and elastic waves propagation in continua, since they are much more simple on form with to initial equations of media and allow to describe behavior of parameters in wave regions. In present paper are obtained general nonlinear evolution equations which are applicable for various acoustic media, as, magnetogasdynamics, nonlinear magneto-elasticity et so on. Besides in last time we extrapolate these results on case of counter propagating to waves in nonlinear media and on nonlinear diffusion waves of probability for random processes and on nonlinear models of description of elementary particles motion and interaction.
Категория: Архив | Новость от: Admin | 05-10-2010


Institute of Mechanics National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

Goris State University


In works [1-4], [12,13], [21], [22] are described various on applications in science and nature continuous stochastic Markov processes in seismology, economics, biology, astrophysics. They are usually described by the linear diffusive equations of the Kolmogorov-Fokker-Plank-Releigh [17-20] for probabilities of processes. Solutions of these equations for density of transitive probabilities is, in particular, normal gaussian distribution, which for large number of values of parameter of a random variable gives frequently the sufficient statistical description of experimental results of processes.
Remote Investigation of Physiological State of the Living Systems
Категория: Архив | Новость от: Admin | 09-07-2010

Orbeli Institute of Physiology of NAS of Republic of Armenia
Doctor of biological sciences
Sargsyan Rafik Shavarsh

The search of alternative methods for evaluation of physiological state of biological systems performed in laboratory of integrative physiology of Orbeli Institute of Physiology of NAS Armenia have resulted in creation of new optical device BIOSCOPE which is capable to react contactless to the biological systems (plants, laboratory animals, people. The design of this device is very simple and its working principle is based on estimation of intensity of light scattered from the sensor – glass plate covered by thin opaque material (Draayer J.P., Grigoryan H.R., Sargsyan R.Sh., Ter-Grigoryan S.A., Systems and Methods For Investigation of Living Systems. // United States Patent Application Publication, No.: US 2007/0149866 A1, 2007).
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Some aspects of using of activated water in medicine
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 30-04-2009

Vanush Davtyan, Aram Davtyan,

Armenian Technological Academy

One of the most amazing things on out planet is water. Water is a part of all biosystem. It's chemical formula is simple, but it's various properties continue to surprise us.

Human's body is mainly consists of water (70-80%) and it is clear that functioning of all it's organs are wrapped up in water's properties, which is a part of every cell and participate in all metabolism processes.

In normal state water molecules are linked to each other in strings and binded to salts dissolved in water. Chemical activity of the water like that is minimal. If water exposes to any fields (is activating), then that strings (connections) breaks and water can accumulate vibrational, rotational and quantum energies. Along that, a chemical activity (interaction cross-section) of the water can increase in dozens or even hundreds of times.

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Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 30-04-2009

Gharagyozyan G.V. PHD

The results of researching of super-powerful burns taking place on the Sun are introduced briefly. The researching role of high-mountain stations of ErPhI RA cosmic rays is mentioned. A lot of examples of negative influence on different installations being on the orbits and being situated on the Earth as a result of the Sun burns are brought.
As the health system of human being isn’t apart with these negative influences it’s suggested to do scientific-medical researches together in order to research these influences more deeper. Probably we can get new methods of protecting health in the result.

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