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Категория: Информационные техно | Новость от: admin | 29-12-2014

Even the best top-manager may not know all about of the technology of production or to resolve all the issues on how to optimize the company's activities.
Because of this lost tens of thousands, if not millions dollar s of profit.
For the best solution to these problems, we suggest that you connect qualified consultants, results, activities which you feel undoubtedly in the first year of cooperation with us.
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Engineering Method For The Parameters Choice of Electronic Computers (EC) Basic Structures
Категория: Информационные техно | Новость от: Admin | 22-11-2005

Increase of Electronic Computers working capacity is one of the important problems of up-to-date computing technology. First of all, it is known to be the architectures of EC with fast response of its elements and total length of inter- connection (TLI). While knowing the architecture and element the increase of EC working capacity is obtained by the reduction of TLI for the selection of space structure (SS) and matrix mounting seats of the basic structure (BS) and also during the configuration, location and tracing.

In given work the problem of structural synthesis of EC was solved by the criterion minimizing TLI for setting space factor tending to unity.
Optimization Of The Parameters Of Basic Structures Of Electronic Computers (EC)
Категория: Информационные техно | Новость от: Admin | 22-11-2005

In this work attempts are made to estimate optimum parameters of EC basic structures on early stage of structural design.
Assembling algorithms were developed, structural units were revealed for automatic design.
Theoretical results have been brought to applied level as a program packet.
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