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Scientific and technical consulting
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Even the best top-manager may not know all about of the technology of production or to resolve all the issues on how to optimize the company's activities.
Because of this lost tens of thousands, if not millions dollar s of profit.
For the best solution to these problems, we suggest that you connect qualified consultants, results, activities which you feel undoubtedly in the first year of cooperation with us.
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As an example, think about it - what are the huge enormous profits brings, for example the production and sale of alcohol products? Any visitor museum the history of Armenia knows that the wine appeared in Armenia more than 6 millennia ago. And just imagine, which a path passed wine during the time when a huge diversity of this product originating in different countries. Such a state of affairs is due to the fact that in the course of these millennium broadcast experience and knowledge (that is the relevant information) transferred by manufacturers of this product to the subsequent generations.
The property is already referred to as information society. Really, humanity in the stone age, able to contact only with the substance, then at some degree of certainty with the energy, now it reach to the highest degree-management of information . Handling scientific information digging the slurry in the search for pearl grain and the subsequent allocation of grains is very important for mankind activities. The world economy in twenty-first century depends on many factors, but more decisive are innovative technologies. The future of the world in which we live, is being laid today by the scientists and engineers, working in research institutions and in the workplace. They all deal with different challenges, but there have also overall objective goal - to bring the future.
Technical consulting

Technical consulting is one of the most labor-intensive, but at the same time, it is extremely callable types of consulting services on the market today.
A characteristic feature of the technical consulting is that it addresses specific issues that require to answer them special deep technical knowledge and practical work experience. Technical consulting gives the answers to the questions concerning the problems that arise at all stages of life putting a new product on the production, improve the quality and volume of manufactured goods which are already produced, recommendations to modernize production base and technological processes. Often, the affected technical consulting issues require participation in the work on them as soon as a few professional or formation of scientific and technical groups.
In its time, many entrepreneurs "entered" in the previously unknown activity, had used the services of independent consultants, mainly western (and in the case of some use and so far). However, as has been shown in practice, if the business is not included in the composition of any international company, which has had its high-level staff, services foreign last login date cost him is too expensive, and not always give the expected effect. The reason is simple: the average rate more or less decent consultant is not less than 500-800 euro a day. Often, however, there is a need for full-time consultants work with the enterprise, and if we multiply our thoughts the word "permanently" to rate the west a consultant, it is such a consulting looks like excessive luxury. However, consulting in the industrial production is not only desirable, but sometimes simply need. We invite you to become a source of expert advice on science, technology, and technical expertise. All that you need to do is to call us or send a message to the e-mail, informing us of your particular needs.
We are in a position to draw up for you a review of the literature on a topic you have issues in the light of the latest achievements of science and technology (we have qualified translators familiar with certain topics and with experience of work with Internet search engines sites - such as Google). Having the experience of work in the various fields of science and technology our experts in a position to draw up the appropriate review, this will undoubtedly be very useful for your future activities. We find for you a good consultant in many areas of science and technology. If you need a consultant with a very specific expertise, we will try to find for you the expert for abroad and because we have respect and qualified translators that can help also in correspondence.

- Biotechnology
- Chemistry, Electrochemistry,
- Compounds,
- Materials Science

- Materials development / Physical Chemistry
- Metals
- The polymers / fibers / Film / Cover
- Computer technology / Software
- Electronics
- Energetic (including non-traditional types of energy conversion (solar and wind energy, biomass, etc.)

Please contact us. The state of our scientists and engineers has the necessary training and experiences to help you quickly understand your needs and to find a consultant who can help you. We have also qualified specialists are able to understand the reasons for a wide range of troubleshooting electronic equipment and in their resolve.
Tel. 011 561648, 055 561648
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