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The Board Using Wave, Wind and Solar Energy
Категория: Окружающая среда | Новость от: Admin | 22-11-2005

The objective of the given proposal is in creation of swimming, ecologically pure and economical transport due to which instead of the fuel, natural energy sources will be applied: wave, wind and solar.

The board is offered to design, at its sides the floats will be arranged in row, which perform vertical swinging motions together with the waves. These motions are sent to the board corpus by rods, connected with the floats on hinges.
Adsorbed refinement of the atmosphere by natural zeolite
Категория: Окружающая среда | Новость от: Admin | 22-11-2005

(Development of Protective Atmosphere for the Storage of Rice)

Block diagram for air drying consists of 2 absorbers: one of them is on the stage of drying, the other one – on the stage of regeneration. In accordance with aqueous vapors of clinoptilolite absorption properties depend on maximum volume of absorption space referring to the unit of mass or to the volume of adsorbent and for the values of zeolite up to 90% - maximum absorbing capacity can be equal to 0,13 g/g aqueous vapors.
Ecological Consequences of the Second World War in the USSR and Europe
Категория: Окружающая среда | Новость от: Admin | 22-11-2005

Human history has about 15 thousand wars and military conflicts during of which 4 milliard people have been lost. The humanity lived at peace for about 300 years against five thousand years of the history of civilization.

As a rule the wars haven’t been directed to cause damages to the environment. It was only the results of the most perceptible through sometimes inevitable military operations. This aspect of the wars has escaped researchers’ attention. Only over the last years environmental consequences of the wars became the subject of serious analysis. If during the First World War about 1,5 % of woods have been destroyed in France, then during the Second World War it was equal to 4%.
Ecology and War
Категория: Окружающая среда | Новость от: Admin | 22-11-2005

Research Program includes the following areas of investigation: economical, environmental, health, medicine and sociological.

The work was published within 1988-1997 years. It is a period of military conflicts, earthquake, and change of the political system, transition to market-oriented economy, industrial depression, transport blockade, power crisis, negative demographic conversions and others.
Combat against desertification and improvement of soil structure and fertility in arid and semiarid lands by means of microbial polysaccharides
Категория: Окружающая среда | Новость от: Admin | 22-11-2005

A new application of microbial polysaccharides

We have discovered that the introduction of alginate - the polysaccharide produced by the species Azotobacter vinelandii and Pseudomonas sp. – succeeded in improving soil structure in samples taken from arid zones of Armenia, which was expressed in granulation of soil particles, improvement of porosity, reduction of evaporation, etc.
Ecologically Pure Stimulator of Growth of Plants
Категория: Окружающая среда | Новость от: Admin | 22-11-2005

Stimulator does not contain organic connections which are not present in natural ecosystem. It is used both at before sowing to processing seeds, and at cultivation of plants in open (in field conditions) and closed (in hothouse conditions) soil.

Stimulator is tested in Russian Federation and in Republic of Armenia.

Stimulator is patented in Russian Federation.

Stimulator provides growth of productivity of various agricultural cultures on the average on 15-20% and acceleration of maturing – on 20-25%. Stimulator is used at the rate of 3 liter on 1 kg seeds.
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