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Remote Investigation of Physiological State of the Living Systems
Категория: Архив | Новость от: Admin | 09-07-2010

Orbeli Institute of Physiology of NAS of Republic of Armenia
Doctor of biological sciences
Sargsyan Rafik Shavarsh

The search of alternative methods for evaluation of physiological state of biological systems performed in laboratory of integrative physiology of Orbeli Institute of Physiology of NAS Armenia have resulted in creation of new optical device BIOSCOPE which is capable to react contactless to the biological systems (plants, laboratory animals, people. The design of this device is very simple and its working principle is based on estimation of intensity of light scattered from the sensor – glass plate covered by thin opaque material (Draayer J.P., Grigoryan H.R., Sargsyan R.Sh., Ter-Grigoryan S.A., Systems and Methods For Investigation of Living Systems. // United States Patent Application Publication, No.: US 2007/0149866 A1, 2007).
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Some aspects of using of activated water in medicine
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 30-04-2009

Vanush Davtyan, Aram Davtyan,

Armenian Technological Academy

One of the most amazing things on out planet is water. Water is a part of all biosystem. It's chemical formula is simple, but it's various properties continue to surprise us.

Human's body is mainly consists of water (70-80%) and it is clear that functioning of all it's organs are wrapped up in water's properties, which is a part of every cell and participate in all metabolism processes.

In normal state water molecules are linked to each other in strings and binded to salts dissolved in water. Chemical activity of the water like that is minimal. If water exposes to any fields (is activating), then that strings (connections) breaks and water can accumulate vibrational, rotational and quantum energies. Along that, a chemical activity (interaction cross-section) of the water can increase in dozens or even hundreds of times.

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Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 30-04-2009

Gharagyozyan G.V. PHD

The results of researching of super-powerful burns taking place on the Sun are introduced briefly. The researching role of high-mountain stations of ErPhI RA cosmic rays is mentioned. A lot of examples of negative influence on different installations being on the orbits and being situated on the Earth as a result of the Sun burns are brought.
As the health system of human being isn’t apart with these negative influences it’s suggested to do scientific-medical researches together in order to research these influences more deeper. Probably we can get new methods of protecting health in the result.

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Anticorrosive Enamel
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: Admin | 26-12-2008

Vladimir N.Ovchiyan
Chief of Laboratory
Tel. (+374-10) 223257

Anticorrosive Enamel has the following quality:
• the coatings on the basis of the Enamel protect the metal in the acid, alkaline and salt solutions, oil-products and others
• the Enamel usage is possible at negative air temperatures (about 25 degrees below zero)
• it is permissible to coat by the Enamel damp metallic surfaces, old paint, as well as rusted metal (up to 100 mkm of rust thickness), wood, concrete surfaces etc.
• hardening (polymerization) of the coating may take place at air negative temperature, at high humidity and also under water.

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Classification of the types of water (liquids) activation
Категория: Здоровье | Новость от: admin | 27-11-2008

Vanush. G. Davtyan
Vice-president ATA
(+374-10) 524-524

About The Aspects of Water (Liquids) Activation

Proceedings of the Seminar «Non-Pharmacological Methods of Therapy and Prophylaxis of Disease and Longevity», held in Arzni in 2006.07.03 by Armenian Technological Academy.

Due to using of activated water (liquids) in medicine [1] and in many other fields it is necessary to reveal the aspects and methods of their activation and to study the efficiency of these methods for therapy and prophylaxis of a number of diseases.

Classification of the types of water (liquids) activation:

Colloidal nature of cancer
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 17-09-2008

David Bagratovich Davidyan
Academician of Armenian Technological Academy (АТА)
Institute of Physiology named after L.A.Orbeli NAS RA
(374-10) 56-08-53

John Sargisovich Sargsyan
Head of Laboratory of the Institute of Physiology named after L.A.Orbeli NAS RA
PHD in Biological sciences, Academician IASEB

" Decoding of cancer nature will come from electrochemistry "
A.L.Chizhevsky, 1934 [I].
1. From regularities of colloidal chemistry have been shown that the membrane galvanic cell with separately operated electrodes (lipid - protein layers - semielements - the frame of double electrical layers) in base of vital state underlie.
2. In norm and pathology 4 types of membrane's charged states or 4 types of galvanic cell with systems of organisms have been revealed, distinctly managed of membrane's monolayers.
3. The general mechanism of every possible pathologies and tumor states with function of colloidal chemistry irregular rows phenomenon have been identified.
4. The systems of organism, providing antitutumor and antipathological resistivity have been revealed and methods of their control and correction.

Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 17-09-2008

УДК 616,155.392
Preventive maintenance and treatment.

Member of ATA, David Davidyan
(374-10) 56-08-53

Leukemia in humans and animals have been shown to be non-cancerous processes, but rather to be associated with the internal environment of the body growing into the state when blood cor-puscules will not be differentiated into normality.

One way to achieve prevention and treatment of leukomias is to reduce the carcinolytic activity of the body’s internal environment.

Fig. 1 [Ref. 1] shows the carcinolytic characteristics yielded by the intestinal microflora to be variable within the limits of B- and T- liticity (laking the tumor cells, normal state).
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The Experience of Apparatus Treatment of Vertebral Оsteochondrosis and its Complications
Категория: Архив | Новость от: admin | 07-06-2007

Estorative Health Center “R. and P. SCENAR”, 10 Gyurjyan Str., Yerevan, RA,
tel.: (37410) 64-45-39, 64-99-42

Scientific adviser - academician Zohrabyan S. G.
Director of the Center – Harutyunyan R.R.
Doctor scenar – therapist – Ispiryan K.G.

Because of the vertical position of the human body, unlike that of the animals, the vertebral column suffers considerable overload. The biggest tension falls to the lumbar and the cervical parts of the spine. It is explained by the fact that the neck and the loin perform not only the supportive, but also the amortizing function in movements of all kinds. That is why as early as during the second-third decade of life the lumbar and the cervical parts of the spine start to wear out. Wearing out is the loss of elasticity of the spinal tissues – the intervertebral disk, ligaments, fascias and muscles, as well as alteration of the normal osteal structure of the vertebral column. Thus, static and dynamic loads on the spine result in deformation of the intervertebral disk, intervertebral muscles and fibrous cords. This, in its turn, results in irritation of receptors of the spinal tissues. In order to make up for deformation of the disk or excessive tension of the muscles, growth of the osteal and fibrous tissues begins in the spine: the spine tries to "straighten" again, to become steadier and redistribute the load. Growth of the bone results in thickening of the processes of vertebras, by means of which they are connected with one another; the growth of the fibrous tissue – in thickening and loss of elasticity of the ligaments along the spine.
Treatment of Neuro-Sensory Baryecoia Via the "SKENAR" and "CHAKRA" Machines
Категория: Архив | Новость от: admin | 28-05-2007

Director '' R. & P. SCENAR '' Haroutyunyan R. R.
Doctor Scenar-therapist Ispiryan K. G
Tel. (374-10) 64-45-39

The problems of audition disturbances are so considerable, that doctors all over the world are in search for new, update methods of treatment. It's accounted also for the fact that the existing traditional methods are not always or even rarely effective. Neuro-sensoric baryecoia is a sickness, which is caused by the injuries of sense neurons of the inner ear, audition nerves and the central formation of the audition system. These injuries are mostly caused by the side effects of antibiotics of the aminoglikozid kind (neomycin, kanamycin, monomycin etc), streptomycin and a list of diuretic preparations, especially in combination with antibiotics. Other reasons are industrial, transport and every day noise, genetic pathology, age atrophic modifications in the labyrinthine and central parts of the audition sensor system (senile baryecoia). Neuro-sensory baryecoia can also be caused by complications of several infectious ailments (influenza, scarlatina, measles ect.), also by intoxication (endogenic) from carbonic acid, lead, mercury, ect. Along with inherent and chronic forms (which are developing gradually) of baryecoia, recently acute form or quick-developing neuro-sensory baryecoia has been expressed. It is suggested that vascular disturbances or effects of a virus basically cause this kind of sickness. Up-to-date approach to the diagnosis of the injured ocular organ makes the many-facet investigation of the patient a necessity. This includes survey of functions of sound-transmitting and sound-receiving systems, the vestibular audition sensor, study of the indicators of the rotating blood systems and functions of liver, assessment of the cardiovascular, endocrine systems, which gives an opportunity to find out and define the causes of the sickness and to develop more effective treatment tactics. For the assessment of the ocular functions it is required to take a test of the accumetric and audition indicators. Among these camerton tests and record of the tone audiogram are obligatory. Audiometric is complementary, which specifies the form of baryecoia. It is done in more than 8000-hertz (cycle per second) high frequency.
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Категория: Архив | Новость от: admin | 28-05-2007

Director '' R. & P. SCENAR '' Haroutyunyan R. R.
Doctor Scenar-therapist Ispiryan K. G
Tel. (374-10) 64-45-39

Every day the majority of the ophthalmologists face difficult clinical situations, where effectiveness of the traditional medication and even surgical methods is not adequate. Inculcation of new techniques (such as "SCENAR" AND "CHAKRA") for the treatment of ocular pathology has become a necessity. In terms of this we found it interesting to study the possibility of applying the "SCENAR" AND "CHAKRA" machines in the ophthalmologic practice, also to investigate compatibility of the "Scenar" with an interdermal electro-stimulation machine called "Chakra-2". We observed a group of 32 patients: 17 men and 15 women. They had different ocular problems. Based on the structure of the sickness the patients were divided into the following categories:

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Application of the "SCENAR", "STABILAN 02" and "Nova Pro" Machines In The Sports Medicine
Категория: Архив | Новость от: admin | 28-05-2007

Director '' R. & P. SCENAR '' Haroutyunyan R. R.
Doctor Scenar-therapist Ispiryan K. G
Tel. (374-10) 64-45-39

According to the agreement between the Olympic Committee of the Armenian Republic and the Health Rehabilitation Center "R. & P. SCENAR" in 17.06.06 y. a group of top athletes came to us. Among them were the members of the National Olympic Youth Team of Greco-Roman wrestling; Babayan Edgar, Julfalakyan Arsen, Julfalakyan Aram, Shahinyan Arthur and also Bakhtamyan Norayr, who was a shot rewarded with silver prize in Greece.
Категория: Архив | Новость от: admin | 26-07-2006

In this year is 15 years from the death and 100 years from birthday of the well-known Armenian scientist microbiologist Levon Erzinkian (or Erznkian), who is one of the top scientists of the world in the field of lactobaccilus.

Levon Erzinkian is founder of the technical microbiology (biotechnology) in Armenia. He is the first in the world, in Armenia and in the former USSR, who discovered the probiotisc era and their successful application in medicine in order to treatment a great many diseases in 30-40s of the XX century.

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“Ionized” shower – the new recovery and rejuvenation method
Категория: Архив | Новость от: admin | 10-03-2006

Vanush Davtayan, Tamara Markaryan.


Last years the methods of reflexotherapy are used not only during the treatment but for the relapses prevention and prophylaxis of different diseases both of adults and of children. Theoretical reasoning of these methods using is connected with that in the results of stimulation of acupuncture spots (they are almost on all man's skin surface) local, segment and total reactions of organism arise directed on the normalization of different functional systems activity by means of neurophysiological effect through vegetative nervous system. This mechanism is connected with the stimulation of skin receptors and through them it is connected with neurohumoral factors being phylogenetically and ontogenetically the earliest substratum of organism functions regulation.

We recommend empirically tested (1997-2004) on many patients methods of new reflexotherapeutic effect by “ionized water” – by method of “ionized” shower – by “live” and “dead” water. The point is that during any pathological state the organism is under the stress in the result of which the regress of physiological functions and suppression of immunobiological resistivity of organism takes place. The method of “activated water” is the threshold stress, which stabilizes the whole organism and adjusts the function of nervous system in resonance and optimal wave on the overcoming the disease.

The hydrotherapeutic procedures in the form of “ionized” shower (Pic. 1) can be both total for the whole body and local when only parts of the body – hands and legs are immersed in the water. The procedures are prescribed only by doctor after detailed examination. At that the water temperature, duration and frequency of taking, the number of procedures during course of treatment are stated. The procedures have medicinal property for the organism tonus raising at the tiredness, overwork, depression, for blood circulation improvement.
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“Water of Life” – a Fairy Tale that Comes True?
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 15-12-2005

By Eugenia Melkonyan

Armenian scientists have developed new sanitary and rejuvenating methods, based on the activation of stem cells in the human organism. According to Vanoush Davtian, the Vice President of the Armenian Technological Academy (ATA), one of those methods is based on the use of the so-called “ionized shower”. The results achieved by using this method, remind the effect of the famous fairy tales about the water of life.

Категория: АРЗНИ - 07.08.2005 | Новость от: admin | 15-12-2005

For Caucasus countries the important industry is tourism. Except the beauties of nature and cultural varieties, architectural monuments, mineral waters, there is one more advantage of the Caucasus countries v this is inhabitant longevity of the sub region, which is achieved by natural and climatic conditions, mode of life and specific features of the national food.
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