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Self-regulation of the body
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 25-07-2017

Ph.D. Aram Davtyan, Vanush Davtyan - president of АТА (Armenian Technological Academy).Ph#+374 91510293

The human body has an excellent ability of self-regulation.

Scientists of ATA (Armenian Technological Academy)are conducting research in the field of self-regulation of the body-i.e It is necessary to create such conditions that the process of self-regulation can be most effective.

1. With age, the number of stem cells falls catastrophically which violates the processes of tissue regeneration - it means that we need to ensure the process of activation of our own stem cells.Studies conducted by ATA specialists showed that the most effective recovery of their own stem cells should be done with activated water.Activated water can be used for bathing [1], [2] in the form of an ionized shower, and for drinking with a redox potential from minus 100 to minus 300 [3].
2. With age, the microelement imbalance of the body is disrupted[4], recovery process of microelement balance is very important.For Example if there is not enough silicon In the body,Which should be 4%, it results in the substitution of silicon with calcium in the vessels,Which leads to loss of the elasticity of the vessel. Vessels become brittle - hence the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes increases. Silicon also plays an important role in the immune system, its lack leads to a decrease in immunity [4].

Lack or excess of any microelement in the body leads to different diseases.Therefore restoration of the microelement balance is very important.

3. With age, some of the vessels become clogged up and blood circulation is disrupted, this leads to acidification of tissues and creates conditions for the development of foreign cells, particularly cancer cells.A set of special exercises is used to restore proper blood circulation, for example [5].

4. And of course the process of proper nutrition is very important.On the website of ATA (, there are many articles of Professor S.Bajinyan devoted to this topic.

5. A new class of drugs - substances that with age cease to be produced by the body, because of this, the immunity drops sharply,e.g. drug galarmin [6] (undergoing clinical trials). Such drugs can be injected into the body by injection, through the lungs (aerosols), by instillation.


[1] “Ionized” shower – the new recovery and rejuvenation method

[2] Some aspects of using of activated water in medicine

[3] Water Ioniser & Purification System, например

[4] The Silica-organic Model of the Person and Health Restoration Recommendation


[6] Академик А. А. Галоян, Л. А. Камалян, М. Г. Гаспарян. Влияние нового цитокина мозга - галармина

на синтез интерферона-гамма в мононуклеарах человека и на репликацию вируса энцефаломиокардита в

клеточной культуре .

(Academician A.A. Galoyan, L.A. Kamalyan, M.G. Gasparyan. Influence of a new brain cytokine-galarmin on the synthesis of interferon-gamma in human mononuclears and on the replication of the encephalomyocarditis virus in cell culture)
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