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PB - concerns to a new class of natural peptide bioregulators with powerful immunocorrecting activity. It is synthetic analogue of endogenous peptides, developed in an organism of the humans and animals during normal ability to live.
Pharmacological action is based on correction of immune system of an organism at various, as immunodeficient, and excessively imuunoactive conditions. It adjusts reactions of humoral and cellular immunity, developments of a differentiation and activity of lymphoid cells, synthesis and secretion of cytokines, stimulates of blood-formation, raises of the production of human growth hormone (STH), strengthens processes of a cellular metabolism (recycling of glucose, biosynthesis of fiber, etc.), raises immune protection of brain. Basic distinctive features PB are stable efficiency in midget dozes and breadth of a range of their action. PB it is completely soaked up from a place of an injection, it collapses quickly and deduced from an organism.
PB possesses powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antineoplastic (in particular at tumors of a brain), hematoprotective (prevents cytolysis, reduces a level of bilirubin in blood), detoxication action (raises antioxidant protection of an organism, through stimulation of lactoferin production, ceruloplasmine, activity of catalase, promotes to inactivation of peroxide compounds (normalizes of peroxide oxidation of lipids, oppresses disintegration phospholipids a cellular membrane and synthesis arahidonic acids with the subsequent reduction in a level of cholesterol of blood) and free radicals, restores a picture of blood at oncological patients, raises a man's potentiality, amount and quality of sperm.
The basic directions of application PB in medical practice
Scope PB in quality of immunocorrecting means includes clinics of a different profile: immunological, infectious (including a HIV - AIDS), surgical, burn, hematological, uro-nephrological, traumatological, toxicological, and oncological.
PB it is applied as highly effective immunotropic remedy at immunodeficient conditions of different genesis, causing a high susceptibility of an organism to various infections, their propensity to acyclic current, development allergic and autoimmune diseases, occurrence of oncological pathologies. PB it is used as treatment-and-prophylactic means at local and system sharp and chronic pyoinflammatory and septic processes, infectious complications after surgical operations, at various traumas, burn illnesses, the traumatic ulcers infected and it is long not healing wounds, the mixed infections of urinogenital system, bacterial infections of a skin, radiation affection of a skin, at leukopenia, at oppression of blood-formation after radiotherapy and chemotherapy in oncological patients, at application of the high doses of antibiotics, at therapy with imunodepressants and cytostatics, and also for increase of efficiency of medical and preventive vaccination. PB it is applied to the prevention of acute and chronic neurodegeneration, nonspecific (at intoxications and traumas) and specific (in particular Altzheimer and Parkinson diseases) character of the central and peripheral origin; for realization of effective regeneration of the injured nerves and neurons with the purpose of restoration of their functions in neurodegenerations of different origin.
Interactions. PB does not cooperate with other medical products.
Contradictions. Rh-incompatible pregnancy, idiosyncrasy.
Side effects. It is possible insignificant inflammatory reactions in individuals with autoimmune diseases or drug idiosyncrasy.
Injections. PB in ampoules (1 ml) can inject intramuscularly or subcutaneously.
Storage. To keep in the dry place protected from light at t 4C.

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