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The list of innovative projects developed in Armenia
: - 03.07.2005 | : admin | 22-06-2011

1. Development of the technology of obtaining the ecologically pure complex biofertilizer of new generation on the basis of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms and modified zeolites.
2. Application of new energy technologies in solid fuel small power-engineering aiming the obtaining the precious metals from low-calorie coals and shale oils of Armenia.

3. Application of rocks of Armenia in production of seamless mineral fibers.
4. Application of the results of project: Effective purification of radioactive liquid wastes using the thermal-chemically modified natural zeolites of Armenia at Armenian nuclear plant.
5. Extraction of rare elements: lithium, rubidium, caesium, boron, etc. from mineral water (Azatavan, Hankavan).
6. Application of rhenium from copper-molybdenum ores of Armenia as new rhenium-zeolite catalyst for needs of petrochemistry.
7. Application of satellite information in the teaching of natural sciences (geoecology, geochemistry of mineral deposits, natural dangerous phenomena) in Armenia.
8. Application of rocks and minerals of Armenia (serpentine, hydromagnesite, brusite, barium sulfate, etc.) for protection of nuclear reactors.

9. Application of natural sorbents (zeolites, diatomites, bentonites, perlites) as ecological protectors and for sewage treatment, as well as for water of Sevan lake basin..

10. Application of technology of utilization of radioactive wastes of nuclear power engineering by the way of their immobilization into the stable matrix glass-ceramic materials pyrocerams on the basis of natural minerals aiming their safe and reliable storage.

11. Creation of original ion-gasometers on the basis of natural nanostructural sorbents for protection from terrorism and determination of toxic gases, heavy metals, radionuclides in surface atmosphere.
12. Application of high-potassium rhyolite-dacite tuffs of Tashir (Lori, Armenia) as effective achlorine agrochemical fertilizer.

13. Development of the project of feasibility study of exploitation of Arzakan-Aparan titanium ore deposits.
14. Development of the project of complex application of natural zeolites of Armenia as sorbents, agrofertilizers, sewage and gas treatment, household purifiers, radiation protection, fire fighting, etc.
15. Organization of production of modified natural sorbents (zeolites, bentonites) in Armenia for the needs of petrochemistry, medicine, etc.
16. Searching of oilfields and diamond deposits in Sevan-Amacia ophiolite belt of Armenia.
17. Development of the project of complex protection of memorials of cultural heritage of peoples of Mediterranean-Black sea basin aiming to preserve, to raise durability and provide conservation of historical memorials.
18. Development of the project of study of sources and mechanisms of pollution by radionuclides, toxic and chemically dangerous elements the rivers Kura and Araks with their confluents on the territory of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia Caspian basin.

19. Development of the project of risk evaluation and ecological-economical damage at man-caused accident on Armenian nuclear plant and wastes of its production.

20. Development of the project of complex system of evaluation of the level of seismic activity strengthening at the action of nuclear trials and other anthropogenic factors (induced seismicity trigger-effect).
21. Development of the project and investigation of petrologic-geochemical peculiarities of ophiolite association of Armenia (Southern Caucasus) and concerned mineral wealths: gems, precious metals, etc.

22. Development of the project and investigation of problems of geoecology and potential of ore and nonmetallic raw materials of Artsakh.

23. Development of the project and organization of complex system of evaluation of geodynamics of natural disasters origin (earthquakes, landslides, rockslide, etc.) on the territory of Armenia (the KIANK system).

24. Development of project and technology of thermal-acid treatment of magnesia serpentine rock aiming the extraction of oxides of magnesium, iron and fine active silica.

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