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Armenian Technological Academy Projects
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ATA - Compiling of global and regional prognosis of technologies and
alternative variants of development, assistance for work out and advance of technologies for sustainable development, consulting on technologies transfer, compiling of global prognosis for technologies development on basic/fundamental directions before 2020, priorities definition of the regional technological development after the example of Caucasus, creation of the electronic catalogue on technologies worked out in Armenia, working out electronic ways, equipments and technologies for dietetic product of new generation, for allergy prophylaxis, some of heart-vascular diseases- the organism basic system and metabolism failure, working out/development of non medical ways, equipments and
technologies for keeping the persons active longevity.

Armenian Technological Academy Projects :

N / Project name / The contact person / Tel.
1. Nanotechnologies. Laser synthesis of the nanoelements. Asatur Lalayan (+374-93)395768
2. Effective,new technology for water cleaning. Elements for water cleaning. Zaven Amiryan (+374-93)707533
3. Biohumus Zaven Amiryan (+374-93)707533
4. Nanotechnologies. Pure metals. Razmik Malkhasyan (+374-93)360665
5. Full Treatment of tapinambur on biotechnology basis. Zaven Amiryan (374-93)707533
6. Skin/leather Tanning. Sokrat Markaryan. (+374-10)522817
7. Dye. Sokrat Markaryan. (+374-10)522817
8. Neurodegeneration. Dzon Sarkisyan (+374-10)273863, (+374-91)519247
9. Accelerated languages teaching. Petrosyan, Dzon Sarkisyan (+374-10)273863, (+374-91)519247
10. Oncology. David Davidyan(+374-10)560853, Dzon Sarkisyan
11. A new approach to the chemical therapy for oncology. Zaven Manvelyan(+374-10)366796
12. Anti-corrosion enamel. Vladimir Ovchinyan(374-91)839739
13. Immunity strengthening. Activated water Shower.Pavel Mirzoyants
14. Restoration of the organisms microelement balance by the ionized
water solution, studies on micro-doses treatment.
Mkrtich Melikyan (+374-10)577930, Vanush Davtyan
15. The videoencyclopedia Armenians in world culture. Eduard Edikiselov (+374 93)834009
16. Aseismic/earthquake-proof construction. Planning of aseismic
microdistricts. Gulkanyan (+374-10)284809
17. Survival equipments. Leonid Petrosyan (+374-10)270009
18. Solar energy, solar plant. Samvel Tatevosyan(+374-94)406114
19. Health centre based on the organism self-regulation principles,
methods of the activation of the own stem cells. Vanush Davtyan
20. Restoration of the bowels micro-flora with the bevel-sour bacteriums. Elmira Erzinkyan (+374-10)568515
21. The cosmic weather influence on peoples health, method of
early notification. Gagik Karagezyan(+374-93)418417
22. Ecologically pure and natural products for medical purposes.
Ararat Martirosyan (+374-10) 231267
23. Cheese production technologies. Ararat Martirosyan (+374-10) 231267
24. Increase of building seismic stability. Mikael Melkumyan(+374-10)512644, (+374-10)512652.
25. Usage of zeolite for crop capacity and production for ecologically
pure agriculture products. Vilen Stepanyan (+374-91)960908
26. Combat Desertification. Vilen Stepanyan (+374-91)960908
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