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The Silica-organic Model of the Person and Health Restoration Recommendation
Категория: Здоровье | Новость от: admin | 24-11-2010

Melikyan M.A, Davtyan V. G.
Armenian Technological Academy
The article focuses on the main principles of functioning of living organisms and the organism regulation aspects. It is evident that the living organism practically contains nearly all chemical elements, and certain biological functions relate to each of them. The deficiency of any element can cause serious disease. The semiconductors, such as silica, selenium, and germanium are of paramount importance for the organism functioning. They transform the mechanical energy into electric impulse transmitting into the brain, and the impulses coming out of the brain are transformed into a mechanical energy necessary for the vital activity of the organism.
Based on the extensive international experience in science and medicine on activated water application aiming to restore the ionic exchange in the biochemistry of the organism, the authors introduce the silica-organic model of the method of applying electrochemically ionized aqueous solutions to restore the regular functioning of the organism.
Key words: silica, selenium, germanium, organic, inorganic substances, energy transformation, electric impulses, human brain, body, immunity, activated water, anolyte, catholyte, parasites,
Issues concerning longevity have always concerned the world-wide scientists. We can distinguish two directions of scientists in the active longevity pursuit. The first trend is the mere scientific approach, when the scientists thoroughly and systematically study all functional systems of the organism. Thus we need to admit that they have registered a tremendous success and striking results in this field. Whereas the focus of the second trend is to recognize the main principles of the functioning of the living organism and create conditions for the self-regulation of the organism based on that. Higher living organisms are complex biosystems with central nervous system. The brain controls the circumference that includes the viscera, various glands, organs of touch, smell, hearing, sight, etc. In case of functional disorder of organism, information is transmitted to the brain through nervous system to initiate the self-regulation process. The complex chain of neuro-biochemical processes is launched -the organism strives to restore the regular functioning. More than 70 chemical elements are necessary for the vital activity of the organism. Many scientists think that the living organisms contain almost all chemical elements, moreover they think that the application of specific biological functions depends on each of them. Thirty elements have been proved to be of vital importance for the human organism survival. These elements are called vital importance elements. The human organism is composed of 60% water, 34% of organic and 6% of inorganic substances. The main components of organic substances are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphor and sulphor. Human body contains the following 22 elements of inorganic substances: Ca,p, 0, Mg, S, B, CI, K, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Gu, Zn, Mo, Cr, Si, I, F, Se.
Dr. Wallock has come to a very interesting conclusion. He thinks that the hypoalimentation, i.e. nutrients, can result in natural death to a living being or human. In his opinion in case of rational nutrition the genetic potential of life expectancy of a person is 120-140 years. The deficiency of any of the 70 elements can cause serious disease. Thus, the deficiency of zinc can decrease potency, the deficiency of calcium can cause arthrosis, the deficiency of chrome and vanadium develop diabetes, the deficiency of copper causes pain in lumbus. So, why can't the above mentioned diseases be cured through diet containing the missing elements? In fact it will be possible if the deficiency of the silica in the human body is within standard constraints. In case of silica deficiency diet won't help. According to M.G. Voronkova and I.F. Kuznecova over 70 different elements can't be digested.
Silica, selenium, germanium that constitute as semi-conductors, are of paramount importance for a human organism. As for the silica, it has been generally considered as energy transformer in Semiconductor Physics. Silica transforms solar energy into electric and thermal energy. All conductors of our body depend on it. Hence mechanical energy transforms to electric impulses that transmit into the brain, and the impulses coming out of the brain transform into a mechanical energy necessary for the vital activity of the organism. Silica is an element defining the properties of flexible structures, connective tissues, nerve tissues, tendons, vascular walls, gastrointestinal tracts, periostea, cartilages, synovial joint fluid. A human's nails, hair and skin are especially rich in silica. Selenium and germanium, in addition to silica, ensure the smooth operation of the genetic program of the slim valavatemechanism (sphincter of gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system valves, cell membrane). Silica can be especially traced in flexible elastic tissues of vessels, bowels, stomach, skin, valves, cell membranes, nerve tissues and everywhere to ensure the transformation of electric impulses into mechanical energy. The complete vessel system operation of the organism depends on the silica quantity. The silica deficiency is replaced with calcium, (valves turn rough, uncontrollable) causing heart and cardiovascular diseases. The heart functioning alone will fail to ensure the proper blood circulation in the organism. Vessels and heart ensure the blood circulation. They pump blood even through the tiniest capillary. Silica deficiency in vessels causes blood circulation disorder in the organism increasing heart exertion. Esophagus, stomach, bowel undergo the same operation: silica deficiency affects the gastrointestinal tract peristalsis, element digestion necessary for the vital activity of the organism. The quantity of silica in gastrointestinal tract is vague during various diseases. Hence, as far as all elements are digested in the gastrointestinal tract, the silica deficiency will first affect its operation. That will be an interesting topic to tackle. Silica deficiency dramatically affects the cell membrane operation that causes metabolism disorder in organism basically resulting in tumor. All those statements have been proved by such scientists as M.G. Voronkov, I.F. Kuznecow, A.M. Panicheva, L.Sh. Zardashili, P.L. Draverta, M. Trivin, D.G. Zvaygineceva, having an extensive work experience in the Institute of Silica. Academician V.I. Vernadski has stated as far back as in 1994, "No organism can survive without silica". Silica is an atomic structure unit serving as a link between brain and body. The inadequate quantity of silica in organism will cause brain-to-body link disorder resulting in various diseases. In 1912 a German doctor Kyun found out that the application of silica compounds prevents atherosclerosis development. In 1957 French scientists M. Lapger and Zh. Leyager proved that the quantity of silica in vessel tissues and walls, as a rule, is extremely low among the people suffering from atherosclerosis. As a result of experiments they also found out that the introduction of silica compounds into the organism prevents the atherosclerosis development in the organism helping to restore the normal structure and operation of vessel walls. The ex-Soviet scientist M.G. Voronkov and his co-author have come to interesting conclusions on changes of vessel walls affected by atherosclerosis. The silica deficiency in blood results in silica decrease in vessel walls, likewise affects its elasticity and flexibility to react to brain signals for the vasodilatation and vice versa. Silica is replaced with calcium in vessel tissues turning them rough and hindering the capacity to react to brain signals, since electric impulses transmitted from the brain can be caught and transformed by silica only. Calcium is introduced into the vessel walls and sediments cholesterol on rough acanthus of calcium compounds boosting atherosclerosis development. As a result of silica deficiency cholesterol digestion also fails and is not utilized for the fresh cell skeleton development. According to WHO parasites constitute the cause of 80% of diseases. Breeding in huge quantities they practically invade all tissues of human organism. The most "severest silica predators" of organism are fungi and helminthes. Ribbon and clypeate helminthes, trematodes, bacteriosis use our organism as a nutrient solution, whereas their vital activity products poison it. Parasites need silica that serves as energy and piezoelectric element converter. As for brain, the geohelminth worms (ascarids, etc), trichomonades, chlamidiae, small bacteriosis, easily penetrate into the blood. These small parasites are considered as active silica predators. All necessary elements are available to boost their breeding in fluid environments, namely in blood, lymph, plasma. Devouring them in huge quantities they dramatically reduce the silica content in the organism thus resulting in brain-to-body signal transmission disorder. Hence life-support process control is lost, and the healthy ecological order turns into "chaos". It is generally agreed that silica ions refine and decontaminate water, they even kill comma bacilli and other colon bacilli, connect and neutralize admixtures of heavy metals and chloroorganic compounds. Silica creates electrically charged systems due to its chemical properties. They possess the property of attracting viruses and morbific microbes alien to a human organism. Colloidal system selection process by silica is unique. Flue, hepatitis viruses, likewise other microorganisms causing pathological changes in the organism, are absorbed into the blood and bowel by silica colloids through electric attraction. Thus we can state that the adequate quantity of silica in human organism would prevent the development of the causatives of above mentioned diseases. As a result of the selection process the immune system identifies and transmits some information to brain, namely "common and alien". We can assume that it somehow marks them (in the shape of charges, such as similar and unlike charges of silica colloidal systems). Thus the "common" ones possessing the same charges will be absorbed, whereas the "aliens" possessing unlike charges will be integrated into silica colloidal system. This is just an assumption on how the silica colloidal system operates. Prior to leaving the human organism silica iteratively operates in life support process. Moreover, in case of fractures, the silica content in bones increases 50 times, and upon the fusion it adopts its normal feature. Stem cells are necessary for the regeneration process. The capacity of silica ions to "move" and "stick" is utilized to help the stem sells to reach the necessary decontamination area. The content of silica in the organism stimulates phagocytes, operates in immunological processes, boosts resistibility of the organism against the viral and infectious diseases. In lieu of the above mentioned statements, that silica protects, activates, it is more proper to say that silica regulates the normal operation of the organism by restoring the brain-to-body link. Immune system protects-us from infectious agents, bacterium, viruses, etc. Moreover, immune system is necessary for the organism to protect it against the "common" one, firstly, that has already become alien. In fact the daily formation of extensive quantities of cell mutants in our organism can result in tumor formation. In fact the daily formation of extensive quantities of cell mutants in our organism can result in tumor formation. Immune system is necessary to protect the internal environment cleanness of the organism and support the hemostasis. In order to overcome the problem, the immune system should have access to all tissues and fluids of the organism, control its content and neutralize the accident formation of "freelance" biomolecules or cells. The immune system of humans and animals links lymphatic and hematopoietic systems. A constant breeding process and lymphocyte differentiation takes place in the central thymus and peripheral lymphoid organs (spleen, lymph node, appendage, tonsils, lymphoid cluster, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory organ). Bone marrow is the source of stem cells, that are transmitted into thymus by brain signals, where stem cells are transformed into T -lymphocytes capable of performing various functions. Some of them struggle against infections and others, e.g. T suppressors depress immune response, i.e. regulate reaction force and response duration towards antigen. The immune system operation field has been thoroughly studied. To combat the appropriate infection agent it receives some instructions through recognition and reference to immunological memory. Immune system disorders may lead to serious problems, up to immunodeficiency. The presumption that immune system disorders are connected with brain-to- body disorders, and vice versa, makes everything clear. The brain will fail to give any instructions to generate the appropriate lymphocytes, if it does not receive appropriate information concerning the exact antigen intrusion into organism. Facing no resistance, the antigen starts developing in the organism. Thus drastic medicine is needed, which, as a rule, is more detrimental than effective. On top of all, if no instructions are received to cancel t- suppressor production from the brain upon the antigen depression, it can cause immunodeficiency by depressing the immune system. Human organism is an amazing bio- chemical laboratory producing all necessary substances to ensure the normal functioning of the organism, such as vitamins, lymphocytes, etc, but for Mendeleev's periodic table elements. The latter are obtained through the food; their deficiency can cause avitaminosis, disbacteriosis, etc. Selenium deficiency prevents vitamin E generation. Up to now Medicine treats diseases caused by improper nutrition and immune system disorder. The decrease of elements having different .combinations may cause to various disease outbreaks in the organism. Sometimes it is impossible to provide the proper diagnosis. Irrational nutrition, parasite breeding and traumas may cause element deficiency in the organism. To provide the supply of missing elements biochemical blood analysis should be performed through a special diet, likewise the organism should be provided with the missing elements that will advance the self-regulation process of the organism. But if some functional properties of the organism are drastically disordered, the element digestion from the food will practically fail. In this respect electrochemically ionized aqueous solution will come to the aid. It doesn't treat a specific disease, it helps to supply the missing elements of the organism. The organism will successfully combat any illness upon restoring the functional properties of the organism. Biochemical blood analysis should be performed to identify the deficiency of the organism. To boost the self-regulation process of the organism, the missing elements should be supplied to the organism through a special diet or electrochemically ionized aqueous solution. The studies performed by A.G. Miroshnichenko and his co-author are notable in this respect (electrochemically ionized saline affects the cell membrane properties resulting in their change). The electrochemically ionized aqueous solution passes through the cell membranes and boosts the organism to obtain its missing elements. All elements are digested by the organism in the form of compounds or water-soluble ions. Biochemistry of the organism is based on the unique properties of the water. There are many types of fluid activations. Original equipments and methods are patented. The studies relating to electrochemically ionized aqueous solution capacities carried out by the Izhevsk center, "IKAR ", are remarkable. The main factors of the electrochemically ionized aqueous solution are as follows: the existence of super-active, unstable compounds possessing highly oxidative properties in anolyte (from several hours up to several days) or restorative properties in catholyte. The provide high biocide properties of the anolyte, and detergent, extraction, regeneration, antioxidation properties of the catholyte. The studies have confirmed the superiority of the anolyte over antibiotics in relation to their impact on viruses, bacillus and microbes. The electrochemically ionized aqueous solution possesses the following anomalistic physicochemical properties: excessively high solvent property, property to regulate the surface tension amount, to widely regulate the chemical absorptive activity of the surface of solid particles in electrochemically ionized aqueous solutions. It also possesses catalytic property, allows to neutralize corrosive-aggressive properties of liquid systems, amplifies the property of .substances dissolved in electrochemically ionized aqueous solutions, likewise possesses biological activity, including bactericidal properties and metabolic process stimulator properties. The plain drinking tap water contains many essential elements for the organism, such as, K + , N+, etc. Their amount depends on the water source. Diseased organism will fail to digest these elements. Suffice it to electrochemically refine the water, the digestion starts by obtaining healing properties. So, the actions of electrochemically ionized aqueous solutions are clear now. In conclusion, new preventive and a number of disease treatment methods restoring the regular functioning of the organism through the electrochemically ionized aqueous solutions have been proposed. The performance of comprehensive organism state diagnostics likewise the detection of deficiency essential for the normal vital activity of elements, organism cleaning from parasites, its "enemies" are necessary. This can be performed by using anolyte, that should ~ contain vigorous biocide, disinfecting, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory elements such as chlorine, iodine, fluorine, bromine, manganese, etc., by supplying the organism with missing elements (catholyte can be used for this purpose, which should contain semi-conductors, silica, germanium, selenium as well as some missing elements, e.g., K, Na, Ca, Mg, etc.), by selecting rational nutrition and electrochemically ionized aqueous solutions for each person, by exercising (special curative gymnastics, fitness training) to restore the proper blood circulation, breathing, etc. Thus it will lead to a palpably health-improving effect.
It will be possible to cure many diseases by creating an adequate quantity of electrochemically ionized aqueous solutions, as was carried out by A.S. Samokhockin. After performing blood analysis and identifying the shortage, he then introduced intravenous solution containing the
missing elements. Thus the extensive studies in the field make us believe in the fairy-tale about "alive and dead water". Actually, the rapid functional restoration of the potency of the organism can be performed by affecting the body with "dead water" at first (possessing bactericidal, anti- inflammatory properties) and then with "alive water" (accelerating regeneration process, strengthening the immunity, activating the stem cells). There are many healing springs in the world famous for their medicinal properties. All these springs contain rich mineral substances granting them definite medicinal properties. The electrochemically ionized aqueous solutions methodology boosts the strengthening of the medicinal properties of those springs. The contemporary scientific and technological level of development makes it possible to obtain activated solutions possessing adequate healing properties in laboratories. Thus the authors hope that a tremendous success in human life prolongation can be registered if we rely on the silica- organic model of the person and implement the above mentioned methodology on prevention and functional property restoration of the organism.
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