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Remote Investigation of Physiological State of the Living Systems
: | : Admin | 09-07-2010

Orbeli Institute of Physiology of NAS of Republic of Armenia
Doctor of biological sciences
Sargsyan Rafik Shavarsh

The search of alternative methods for evaluation of physiological state of biological systems performed in laboratory of integrative physiology of Orbeli Institute of Physiology of NAS Armenia have resulted in creation of new optical device BIOSCOPE which is capable to react contactless to the biological systems (plants, laboratory animals, people. The design of this device is very simple and its working principle is based on estimation of intensity of light scattered from the sensor glass plate covered by thin opaque material (Draayer J.P., Grigoryan H.R., Sargsyan R.Sh., Ter-Grigoryan S.A., Systems and Methods For Investigation of Living Systems. // United States Patent Application Publication, No.: US 2007/0149866 A1, 2007).

In empty room the BIOSCOPEs signals present irregular oscillations with frequency less than 0.1 osc/min. If person is situated on a distance of 2-3 m from the device the signal frequency increases to 0.2 osc/min and its average level is raised. Decrease of distance between biological object and BIOSCOPE sensor leads to the increase of signal frequency.
If human palm is located on a distance of 1 cm from the sensor, the signal frequency 10-15 Hz and oscillation amplitude can be 7-10% from the absolute value of initial signal of the BIOSCOPE. For other biological systems the generated signals have different frequencies and amplitudes (for example, 1 Hz for apple).
Control experiments have shown that BIOSCOPE is insensitive to the known physical fields which are formed around organisms in the process of their vital activity. The device does not react on the inanimate objects having room temperature.
All observed effects are reliable and always reproducible. In fact, development of BISCOPE has led to the experimental discovering of new class of phenomena attributed to the presence of unusual remote interactions between macroscopic systems.
Such interconnections and effects have quantum-mechanical nature; they are formed and act both inside and outside of any macroscopic system and are determined by integrative indicators of entire state of examined system.
According to foregoing, one can consider BIOSCOPE as measuring complex the readings of which distantly reflect integrative state of studied system.
According to performed investigations, different biological objects exert different influence on the device readings. In addition signals of BIOSCOPE are changed depending on physiological state of studied system. This points on possibility of use of the developed equipment for a non-invasive estimation of a state of biological systems in various medical and biologic institutions.
The data are obtained which create premises for practical use of BIOSCOPE for post-traumatic restoration, early prediction of animals infection, the psycho-emotional state of patient and also for express-estimation of the trend of influence of pharmacological preparations on an organism state.
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