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Some aspects of using of activated water in medicine
Категория: АРЗНИ - 03.07.2005 | Новость от: admin | 30-04-2009

Vanush Davtyan, Aram Davtyan,

Armenian Technological Academy

One of the most amazing things on out planet is water. Water is a part of all biosystem. It's chemical formula is simple, but it's various properties continue to surprise us.

Human's body is mainly consists of water (70-80%) and it is clear that functioning of all it's organs are wrapped up in water's properties, which is a part of every cell and participate in all metabolism processes.

In normal state water molecules are linked to each other in strings and binded to salts dissolved in water. Chemical activity of the water like that is minimal. If water exposes to any fields (is activating), then that strings (connections) breaks and water can accumulate vibrational, rotational and quantum energies. Along that, a chemical activity (interaction cross-section) of the water can increase in dozens or even hundreds of times.

In the case of the electrochemical water activation, which can cause a break of molecular bonds and formation of free hydrogen and oxygen (ozon) as well, water can gain all kinds of exitations mentioned above, depending on current strength. Along that, hydrogen and oxygen react with salts dissolved in water, forming dozens types of bases and acids.

And of course a chemically active water will better wash any surface. This property of an activated water can be used both for laundering (what is already successfully introduced by constructors of washing machines) and for "organism wash"; it can clean a human organism from any slags accumulated.

Study made by research center "Ikar", Izhevsk [1] and many others in Russia and Armenia (for example [2], [3], [6]) in practice confirm the possibilities of using an activated water for human organism sanitation.

There are also practical results of using so called "ionized shower" to clear an organism and it's full deliverance from drug dependence [3].

One of the most wonderful properties of the water, discovered by Russian scientists, is that an electrochemically activated water can be used to get a biologically active solution - "analit", which has antiseptic and bactericidal properties. Being totally safe for environment, "analit" kills staphylococci, bacteria of tuberculosis and destroy spores of anthrax[4].

Over 400 different preparation are currently used for disinfection, which, as a rule, must be deactivated after to recycle. Which is not necessary for "analit".

Using of "analit" sprayer for ward cleaning permits to get rid of intrahospital infections in practice.

Equipment for "analit" preparation is produced both in Izhevsk and at "Izumrud" factory in St. Petersburg [1,5].

Very interesting is the rejuvenating effect of a shower from ionized water. Activated water molecules (absorbed through skin or breathed in as vapor) get into vascular system, spread all over organism and activate metabolic and regenerative processes. In particular, ionized water activate stem cells in skin and provoke regeneration of tissues. Specifically positive result were obtained for skin regeneration after frostbites and burns [3], [6].

In last several year regenerative cellular medicine through the study and use of stem cells has made great strides. Even today, The developed methodology in this area allow to cure many serious diseases.

In each organism, in the case of pathology in tissues or organs, the brain (the control unit of our body) receive a signal through the central nervous system. Then the brain sends control signals to other functional systems, which produce the necessary number of stem cells, and using blood vessels these cells reach the lesion site to take responsibility for regeneration.

Over the years, the organism accumulate slags, which, in particular, are accumulated on the walls of blood vessels impairing nutrition supply of the brain and other organs. As a result, the signals slow down or breaks and consequently that effect the regeneration processes. An organism accumulate irreversible changes; an organism getting older...

Todays regenerative cellular medicine is moving toward bringing in an organism necessary stem cells, selected (according to a principle of compatibility) from specialized banks of stem cells.

From our point of view, there is a much more perspective approach. What is to develop a set of methods to activate the organism's own stem cells.

That methods include both well known in physiotherapy disease prevention methodologies and ATA scientist's original elaborations.

Integrated application of these techniques in specialized sanatoriums already today will allow us to offer the public an inexpensive but effective way of preventing of a number of diseases.


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