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Classification of the types of water (liquids) activation
: | : admin | 27-11-2008

Vanush. G. Davtyan
Vice-president ATA
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About The Aspects of Water (Liquids) Activation

Proceedings of the Seminar Non-Pharmacological Methods of Therapy and Prophylaxis of Disease and Longevity, held in Arzni in 2006.07.03 by Armenian Technological Academy.

Due to using of activated water (liquids) in medicine [1] and in many other fields it is necessary to reveal the aspects and methods of their activation and to study the efficiency of these methods for therapy and prophylaxis of a number of diseases.

Classification of the types of water (liquids) activation:

1. Bio-activation.

Bioactive liquids include the following: fruit and berry juices, blood, urine, remedial herb extracts (the roots of the plants and trees). For example, all the richness of methods of phytotherapy, urino-therapy can be referred to the aspects of water (liquids) bio-activation.

2. Solar activation, thermo activation.

Activation of the salt water in the seas, oceans, the water in the rivers and reservoirs, water vapours in atmosphere, water in bio-systems, melt water, heat water.

3. Chemical activation.

First of all, this method is applied for activation of liquids by chemical drugs.

4. Electro magnetic activation.

Activation of water in ionized shower (douche) [2-4] by lightning during thunderstorm.

5. Mechanical Activation.

Waterfalls, pouring of water from one vessel into another one.

6. Bio resonance activation.

It is a rapid developing and long-term trend in modern medicine. It includes extra-sensor activation by humans bio-field; activation by sounds, music, prayers (Narekatsi, Mary Beker Eddi Science and Health and by some other religious cults).

We can meet various combinations of the specified types of water activation in nature and practice.
It is necessary to perform permanent study of the efficiency of the methods of water activation for using them in medicine.

One of the most important criteria is the influence of the activated water on the activation of the stem cells in organism.
The value of some aspects of activation is in possibility to affect injured areas locally.


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