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Director '' R. & P. SCENAR '' Haroutyunyan R. R.
Doctor Scenar-therapist Ispiryan K. G
Tel. (374-10) 64-45-39

Every day the majority of the ophthalmologists face difficult clinical situations, where effectiveness of the traditional medication and even surgical methods is not adequate. Inculcation of new techniques (such as "SCENAR" AND "CHAKRA") for the treatment of ocular pathology has become a necessity. In terms of this we found it interesting to study the possibility of applying the "SCENAR" AND "CHAKRA" machines in the ophthalmologic practice, also to investigate compatibility of the "Scenar" with an interdermal electro-stimulation machine called "Chakra-2". We observed a group of 32 patients: 17 men and 15 women. They had different ocular problems. Based on the structure of the sickness the patients were divided into the following categories:

1. Anomalous refractions - 6 people
2. Strabismus - 4 people
3. Glaucoma - 8 people
4. Diabetic angio-retinopathy with or without retina exfoliation -7 people
5. Atrophy and sub-atrophy of the ocular nerve -7 people
According to age: 3-20 old-4; 21-30 old -6; 31-40 old -4; 41-50 old -6; 51-60 old - 10; older 60-2 patients.

All the patients were (before and after the treatment) clinically investigated; defining the acuteness of sight with the correction, skiascopy, ophthalmoscopy, biomicroscopy, tonometer, perimeter, ocular sonography (in case of necessity). All the patients took a course of Scenar therapy (general and local). The treatment consisted of 10 sessions and on the 11-th day it was complemented by electro-stimulation of the eye via the machine "Chakra-2" for 8- 10 days.

Here are the results observed:
1. Increase of acuteness of sight in 80 % of patients.
2. Spasm of accommodation by 2,0 d and ocular fatigue disappeared in all the patients (100%).
3. Partial elimination of strabismus was observed in the 3 out of 4 patients suffering from strabismus. One patient was completely treated-100 %.
4. The patients having glaucoma - reduction of intraocular pressure (IOP) on the average 10-12 mm. m.c (mercury column), enlargement of field of vision by 5-100, 6 out of 8-heightening of acuteness of sight.
5. Patients having diabetic angio-retinopathy - practically total dispersion of blood stroke into the retina, heightening of acuteness of sight, enlargement of field of vision.
6. Patients with atrophy and sub-atrophy of ocular nerves- heightening of acuteness of sight by 5-10 %.


1. The experience of applying the "SCENAR" AND "CHAKRA" machines for four years has proved that the combined application of those machines is quite effective in treating the ocular pathology.
2. The "SCENAR" machine removes spasm accommodation, liquidated false refraction, promotes fast dispersion of bloodstroke (including the case of total hemophthalmia), and improves blood circulation of the eyeball.
3. The "Chakra" machine stimulates the retina and the ocular nerve, contributes to the "awakening" of the neuro-cells out of the semi-dormant state.
4. Treatment via machines is an essential part of the therapy of ocular disturbances.
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