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Êạ̀åăîđèÿ: Àđơèâ | Íîâîṇ̃ü ị̂: admin | 26-07-2006

In this year is 15 years from the death and 100 years from birthday of the well-known Armenian scientist microbiologist Levon Erzinkian (or Erznkian), who is one of the top scientists of the world in the field of lactobaccilus.

Levon Erzinkian is founder of the technical microbiology (biotechnology) in Armenia. He is the first in the world, in Armenia and in the former USSR, who discovered the probiotisc era and their successful application in medicine in order to treatment a great many diseases in 30-40s of the XX century.

The beginning of the XX century is notable by establishment of antibiotics era, that played a positive role in the process of human`s lives saving. However the following factors resulted in the development of allergic diseases, dysbacteriousis and its accompanying diseases:

- the frequent and sometimes uncontrolled application of antibiotics

- wide use of chemical substances in housekeeping and medicine

- ecology aggrevastion and etc.

As a result of immune system weakening a man become unprotected from any diseases. Consequently the number of consumptives increased. New strains of tuberculosis agent resistant to antibiotics appeared.The learned world payed attention to probiotics in the end of XX century.

But in 1940s this work on probiotics application of Levon Erzinkian was not accepted by many microbiologist and physicians in Armenia.

The great Russian microbiologist E.Mechnikoff was the first in the world, who payed attention to application of lactobacillus for treatment diseases. He himself and the whole world scientists made attemption to cure gastrointestinal infection diseases by means of lactobacillus. However , in that period the strains of lactobacilus were not very active and recommended curative dose were very small and that`s why the treatment efficiency was not so effective.

Armenian scientist Levon Erzinkian the Institute of Microbiology of National Academy of Sciences, Armenia, spent more than 50 years of researches in order to isolate new strongly phenol resistant lactic-acid bacteria with high acid-formation, antibacterial, vitamin increasing qualities, which are able to survive in human large intestines.

With the help of his method L.Erzinkian isolated more than 1640 strains of acidophilic bacteria.. Out of them he selected more than 10 most active strains and marked them in Er (first two letters of his last name). Long researches of Prof. L.Erzinkian and his colleagues showed that strains of acidophilic bacteria, isolated personally by L.Erzinkian, when cultivated in vitro and vivo, don`t lose their ability to survive in the human intestines.

Starting in the end of 40s L.Erzinkian together with some enthusiastic doctors continued clinical tests of his new acidophilic strains.

The results were stupefying. People, suffering from acute form dysentery, typhoid and other gastro-intestinal diseases recovered very quickly. It is interesting that the treatment with the acidophilic bacteria can be done either separately or together with other drugs, because L.Erzinkian`s lactic-acid bacteria have high antigerm capability and broad spectrum of antagonistic effects, and are resistant to high concentration of phenol, antibiotic and chemical therapeutic drugs.

Back in the end of 40s –beginning of 50s of the XXc. L.Erzinkian created a new method of acidophilotherapy and gave norms of feeding with acidophilic milk for babies, children and adults.

Treatment of bacterial dysentery with the help of acidophilic bacteria, according to L.Erzinkian`s method was performed in those years in the infection clinics and in a military hospital in Yerevan (Republic of Armenia) . In the latter the treatment was done only with acidophilic milk and paste. Laboratory analilisis of faeces gave negative results after third day of treatment in most cases of all form and types of bacterial dysentery.

For testing of the acidophilic milk and paste treatment effects on the intestines locally special device-restoromanoscope /the author is Lt.Colonel of Medical service A.Alexandrian/ was invented.

The results were above all expectations –ulcers, erosions and other parthological changes of the intestinal mucosa were quickly cured. In all cases ulcers healed up after 2-3 treatments, interval between the treatments was two days.

In 1949 prof.Erzinkian isolated the strain Lactobacterium acidophilum (Lactobacillus acidophilus) n.v. Er 317/402 /author certificate of the USSR, N 163573 / on the basis of which he invented therapeutic nutritious dairy product “Narine”. ”Narine” germs are much better than similar ones in terms of its morphological, physiological, biochemical and organoleptic qualities. Unlike Bulgarian and Matzun bacillus as well as other well known lactic-acid bacteria, “Narine” bacteria are developed in the medium consisting up to 0,6 % phenol, 1,1% indol and 1% phtalasol.

The strain Er 317/402 “Narine” produces considerable amount of harmless for man`s and especially for child`s organism antimicrobial subsyances, which suppressed the growth and development of grampositive (Staphilococcus areus) and gramnegative (E.Coli) bacteria including all the bacteria stimuli of dysentery, disbacteriosis, toxic dyspepsia, salmonellose, typhoid other vulgar diarrhoea.

It should be mentioned that under the influence of antimicrobial substances “Narine” the typical stimuli of dysentery are killed or they lose their pathogenic properties.

The strain Er 317/402 “Narine” curdles the milk during 3-7 hours, depending upon the temperature of fermenting, the amount and age of the inoculum. Long observations of author and his colleagues showed that the strain Er 317/402 “Narine” did not have fagolisis. This fact is of great value both from practical and theoretical viewpoint for milk production. “Narine” is a high caloric, easy-to-digest dairy product with high bactericidial properties.

Product “Narine” is rich in vitamins, important aminoacids (metionin, lisin, etc.) necessary for growth and development of human body. Composition of proteins and facts is similar to that of maternal milk, and for this reason “Narine” is a good substitute of breast milk. It can be used for babies since the first days of their life, besides “Narine” is very wholesome for prematurely born children, and newborn, who had suffered from hemolytic disease. Feeding of such babies with “Narine” has a therapeutic effect, because it contains vitamins of group B, which have good influence on blood creative organs of newborns, increase hemoglobin count in blood.

Starting in 1966 acidophilic milk “Narine” has been widely used in children infection hospitals in Armenia. “Narine” starter was sent to all regions of Armenia. Healthy babies who needed breast milk substitute, were also fed with “Narine”. The results of clinic tests were also positive.

Children fed with “Narine” outstrip in weigth and growth those who are fed with breast milk, grow healthy and do not suffer from gastro-intestinal diseases.

Modern medicine achieved great success in treatment of infectious diseases. However acute infectious diseases of intestinal still happen, especially among children.

Nowadays “Narine” is used in medicine for treatment of acute forms of gastro-intestinal diseases among children and adults, such as a dysentery, salmonellose, typhoid, disbacteriosis, toxic dyspepsia, hemolytic jaundice, atropy, dystrophy as well as in surgical and obstetrical practice – for the treatment of golden staphylococcus, vulvovaginitis, mastitis, furunculosis, in stomalogy for paradontose, etc.

Prof. L.Erzinkian`s biological method of bacteriotherapy is especially valuable for those acute cases of gastro-intestinal diseases, which are difficult to treat with antibiotics or when a patient has allergy to antibiotics. Antimicrobial substances of “Narine” are healthy and totally harmless for babies, children and adults. Patients get cured much quicker, sometimes 3-4 times faster. The treatment effect is very stable.

The therapeutic properties of L.Erzinkian`s acidophilic bacteria, among them “Narine”, were confirmed during years of testing in the clinics of Armenia, Riga (Latvia), Kiev (Ukraine), Moscow (Russia) and other cities of the former Soviet Union as well as investigations of Japanese scientists. “Miki Trading” ( now “Miki Corporation”), Japan, produces “Narine” and worked out medicines “Bon-Narine” on its basis. The clinical results are brought up in several
Scientific articles and methodic recommendations confirmed by the Ministry of Public Health of Armenia.

Japanese scientists found out that “Narine” bacteria stimulate the production of interferon which increases immnity and prevents the development od cancer and other diseases.

Other properties of the product “Narine”:

- “Narine” is antioxidant

- “Narine” has been proved by the armenian microbiologists and epidemiologists to inhibit Helicobacter pylori, Yersinia enterocolitis, Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, Vibrio NAG, Vibriocholera El-Tor and other bacteria.

It is known, that Helicobacter pylory causes peptic ulcer and that`s why strain “Narine” is a very effective remedy for peptic ulcer treatment. Armenian scientist A.Nersesyan investigated antigenotoxic action of strain “Narine” and confirmed its the most high antigenotoxic, anticarcinogenic activity. It`s proved that the pills and capsules of “Narine” to don`t posses antiogenotoxic action.

Its wonderfull and harmless properties are necessary for people after antibiocotherapy, radio and chimiotherapy, curing together with or without medicines some oncology deseases (for example leukemia).

It is very and very necessary to use “Narine” AIDS and tuberculosis patients.

The further research and application of “Narine” are certainly warranted.

Prof. L.Erzinkian restored the spontaneous microflora of Armenian youghurt and isolated its unique lactic-acid bacteria (author certificate of the USSR, N718075, 1979 ).

It is worth mentioning that Armenian yoghurt has many advantages in its organoleptic, therapeutic, nutritious properties and microflora in comparison with similar acido-lactic product yoghurt, which is produced in Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, France, USA and etc.

E..L. Erzinkian (Yerznkyan)` (Daugther of Late Prof.L.Erzinkian)
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