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Ionized shower the new recovery and rejuvenation method
: | : admin | 10-03-2006

Vanush Davtayan, Tamara Markaryan.


Last years the methods of reflexotherapy are used not only during the treatment but for the relapses prevention and prophylaxis of different diseases both of adults and of children. Theoretical reasoning of these methods using is connected with that in the results of stimulation of acupuncture spots (they are almost on all man's skin surface) local, segment and total reactions of organism arise directed on the normalization of different functional systems activity by means of neurophysiological effect through vegetative nervous system. This mechanism is connected with the stimulation of skin receptors and through them it is connected with neurohumoral factors being phylogenetically and ontogenetically the earliest substratum of organism functions regulation.

We recommend empirically tested (1997-2004) on many patients methods of new reflexotherapeutic effect by ionized water by method of ionized shower by live and dead water. The point is that during any pathological state the organism is under the stress in the result of which the regress of physiological functions and suppression of immunobiological resistivity of organism takes place. The method of activated water is the threshold stress, which stabilizes the whole organism and adjusts the function of nervous system in resonance and optimal wave on the overcoming the disease.

The hydrotherapeutic procedures in the form of ionized shower (Pic. 1) can be both total for the whole body and local when only parts of the body hands and legs are immersed in the water. The procedures are prescribed only by doctor after detailed examination. At that the water temperature, duration and frequency of taking, the number of procedures during course of treatment are stated. The procedures have medicinal property for the organism tonus raising at the tiredness, overwork, depression, for blood circulation improvement. In addition, these procedures have anti-inflammatory and disinfectant action. They are very effective at the excessive sweating, greasy skin, seborrhea, eczema, burn, and frostbite. Regulating the metabolic process by means of affecting the nervous endings of skin of cations and anions, they take slags out the organism and lead to the rejuvenation of the whole organism and coordination of all organs and systems work.

Continuous cooker of H. Sahakyan design based on the electrolysis principle (patent N 32 U PA of 30.08.1999) creates extremely active anions and cations and free ozone, which stimulating nerve receptors of coverlet, spur up the organism, its immune system, adaptation possibilities of nervous system and give the aim at self-regulation. The scheme of device is given on Pic.2. Amazing effects were received at the following pathological state: different types of exogenous depressions after different chronic exacting diseases. The chronic diseases and dysfunction gastrointestinal tract (dyskinesia of bile ducts, chronic cholecystitis, colitis, constipations). Vegeto - vascular dystonia with pain syndrome, headaches, change of blood pressure. Raynaud's disease (constantly cold, crimson, hydropic painful extremities). Neurosis of all types (neurasthenia, psychasthenia, increased irritability, idiopathic exogenous depression, anxiety, weakness, fatigability, nocturnal enuresis, obtrusive motions, and sleeplessness). Osteochondrosis with pain syndrome, radiculitis, polyneuropathy. Allergic diseases (rhinitis, eczema, neurodermatitis, bronchial asthma). Fungus diseases of skin, sweating of legs, seborrhea. Affection of skin (burns, frostbites, psoriasis). Shedding of hair, seborrhea, fragile and dull hair and nails. Susceptibility to catarrhal diseases, frequent acute respiratory viral infection with false croup, bronchitis. Obesity, cellulitis, loose skin. Dependence on sedative and narcotic drugs, beneficially affecting the abstinence syndrome. Amazing effects in cosmetology equal to surgical skin retorque, skin rejuvenation and wrinkles smoothing. As one of the methods in complex rehabilitation of people with infantile cerebral paralysis (for muscular hyper tonus removal), but certainly after neuropathologist's advice.

The mechanism of anti-inflammatory action of ionized water shower presumably means that during any inflammatory process there are a lot of free ions (both positive and negative) in the center of inflammation, and the potential difference arises between healthy and inflamed part of tissue. During the contact of ionized water with the inflamed surface of organism, free ions existing in the water, connecting with ions of inflamed part, neutralizing them, release the inflammation. The mechanism of rejuvenation action of ionized water shower means that the excitation of water molecules got in the chamber of electrolysis is transmitted on the vascular system and spread to the whole organism, activating metabolic processes. In particular, the activation of the stromal stem cells of bone marrow, which are the main bricks of organism according to the modern science data, takes place.

Ionized shower the new recovery and rejuvenation method (russian)

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