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Water of Life a Fairy Tale that Comes True?
: - 03.07.2005 | : admin | 15-12-2005

By Eugenia Melkonyan

Armenian scientists have developed new sanitary and rejuvenating methods, based on the activation of stem cells in the human organism. According to Vanoush Davtian, the Vice President of the Armenian Technological Academy (ATA), one of those methods is based on the use of the so-called ionized shower. The results achieved by using this method, remind the effect of the famous fairy tales about the water of life.
The mechanism of the rejuvenating effect of the shower with ionized water lies in the fact that the excitement of water molecules is passed on to the vascular system and spreads through the whole organism, activating the process of metabolism. Particularly, activation of stem cells takes place, which, according to modern science, are the main blocks of the organism and can cause regeneration of tissues and organs.
Active water differs from ordinary one with the fact that its activated molecules acquire a vibratory, rotary and quantum energy, which, consequently, raises its chemical activity.
The activation of water is done with an electro-chemical method, in a device, created by Hovhannes Sahakian (patent N 32 U RA, dated 30.08.1999). It is an ordinary water boiler with certain constructional peculiarities. Electrolysis of flowing water takes place in the heater, which creates exrtemely active anions and cations, as well as free ozone. These three active substances whip up the organism, its immune system, adaptational abilities of the nervous system and become conductive to the self-regulation of the organism, by irritating skin receptors.
The method of the new reflex- therapeutic influence of ionized water was studied by the scholars for seven years (1997-2004). According to Vanoush Davtian, amazing results were achieved in such pathologic states as different types of depressions, neuroses, chronic diseases, malfunction of alimentary canal, skin affections, allergic and fungous diseases, obesity, cellulite etc. Cases of overcoming drug addiction with the help of this method were registered as well. Influence of ionized water on skin regeneration processes after frost-bite and scalds is manifested particularly clearly. The method (also known as as a Galvanic shower) passed approbation in 2004 at the Institute of Physiotherapy of the Ministry of Health of Armenia, and clinical experiments, carried out on 68 patients, suffering from different forms of functional diseases, proved the toning effect and medical effectiveness of the device.
Water procedures in the form of ionized shower can also be both for the whole body and local ones, when only parts of the body, say, arms and feet, are sunk into water. The procedures are prescribed only by a doctor after thorough examination. At the same time, the temperature of the water, the duration and frequency of taking shower , the number of the procedures are decided. The procedures have a strong medical properties of toning up the organism in case of tiredness, fatigue, depression, they improve blood circulation and have anti-bacterial, disinfecting properties.
Water activation can sometimes take place in natural conditions, for example, under the influence of solar energy on mineral substances, dissolved inn water of mountain springs and melted snows. The latest achievements in medical science show the positive effects of various natural sources and traditional methods, for, active water is the same water of life, the medical properties of which are described in many fairy tales.
Today, 60 ionizing showers are installed in many apartments of Yerevan. The approximate cost of installation is 300-500$, depending on the model. However, mass production of such showers is difficult because of need in constructional changes depending on the mineral content of water in different regions of the city.
Researches examining the effects of activated water, are continued, and here the scientists of the ATA cooperate with their Russian colleagues from the scientific-research center Ikar. The results of both groups mostly coincide, though, there are also differences. That is why an active correspondence is carried out, and it is possible that joint researches might be carried out.
The complex use of medical fitness, ionized shower, manual therapy, phyto-therapy, in combination with balanced nutrition with ecologically pure products, will set free our organisms from shellacs, restore immune system and will give us health and long life.

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