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Armenian Technological Academy to establish
Категория: Архив | Новость от: Admin | 13-11-2005

Vanush Davtian ATA Vice-President
By Eugenia Melkonyan
A group of scientists under the aegis of the Armenian Technological Academy (ATA) intends to found a health and longevity center in Armenia where usage of the newest achievements of non-drug medicine is supposed. As Vanush Davtian, the ATA Vice-President informed, at the center, usage of methods on illness prophylaxis well-known in the physiotherapy, as well as copmlex usage of various methods and the newest medical technologies for diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment are expected. Among the methods planned to use at the center are diagnostics based on computer diagnostical complex "Oberon"; method of concrete diaignistics of the functional stage of organism and medical methods worked out at the "Galust" medical-diagnostic center; medical physical training and massage, aimed to normalize circulation of the blood in an organism, water procedures with usage of mineral waters, "ionised" shower, magnet water for taking out salgs from the organism; activiziation of tube cells in an organism, bioresonance correction and psychosomatic regulation as well. Usage of methods of phytotherapy and dietic nourishment based on the ATA own workings out is intended. Prophylaxic procedures will be held with usage of methods of stimulation of the organism to self-regulation. Vanush Davtian informed that the Center is intended to open at one of the Arzni sanatorium buildings which are not used at the moment. The choice of Arzni is conditioned by its climate conditions and relative closeness to Yerevan (only 20 km). After working out the possibilities of complex usage of above-mentioned methods, opening of a net of similar medical centers in other health resort zones of Armenia is planned. At present, equipment to supply these centers can be produced at many of almost not working factories of Armenia, corresponding negotiations are already in process. The ATA is not able to implement the project of the medical center with its own means, and is busy with looking for a sponsor for this project at present. The ATA supposes to organize at the center prophylaxical phycotherapic treatment for indigent inhabitants of Armenia. Vanush Davtian considers of the most importance the fact that just usage of non-medicine methods of treatment and prophylaxis is supposed, as, according to him, in most of cases, drugs have side effects which often show themselves in decades. According to him, today, non-drug methods of treatment and prophylaxis are to be introduced widely in order that medicine in Armenia is of moderate price. A great experience in this sphere has been gathered by the ATA scientists, they actively cooperate with specialists of this sphere from other countries as well. The ATA jointly with the National Health Care Institute of the RA Ministry of Health Care organized and held three seminars on the theme "Non-Drug Methods of Treatment and Prophylaxis of Disease and Longevity" in Yerevan and Arzni. The seminars showed that there are very interesting works on the above-mentioned issues in the republic. A collection is supposed to be published on materials of reports. The ATA is a non-governmental, scientific-public organization founded in 1993. New methods of activizing work of tube cells, unique anti-allergic food additions, setting for working of liquid on the magnet field are among the works out of the ATA scientists. It is supposed that many works out of the ATA have good perspectives of usage but their introduction is going on very slowly as a result of absence of corresponding financing.
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