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Production of Diary Products
Категория: Пища | Новость от: Admin | 27-12-2005

The production of dairy products (soured cream, yogurt, and cottage cheese, blue cheese and so on) by using original starters.

Diary products were always popular all over the world and have ancient traditions for productions of butter, cottage cheese, sour diary products.

Technological elaboration on production of sparkling wines, strong and alcohol free drinks from grapes and fruits.

New technological methods of raw materials refining for alcohol drinks and production have no analogy.

In principle the proposed initiatives are new trends for wine production.

For the production of white and rosy sparkling wines by bottle champagnization the grape variants as “Arazi” (the grape is white) and frost-resistant “Megrabuir” (the grape is rosy) are suggested to use.

Together with wine, semi-finished products (strong fruit juice, extracts, infusions) obtained during the refinement of vegetable raw-materials the production of ethyl alcohol from amaranth will give us a chance to introduce maximum amount of raw materials to the sphere of production (among their number, wild grapes not being used before); to increase the area of their use and to provide the production of new competitive variants.

The subjects of investigations are the following: grapes crop, apricots, peaches, wild fruits, blossoms and leaves of the red mulberry, raspberries, plums, linden, nut-shells and others. Chemical composition of wines, strong juices (fruit-drinks) and extracts obtained from maintained products will be determined by assumed methods in endochemistry, volatalize compounds – gas chromatographic methods.

New technology for preparing of sparkling wines is proposed from new variants of grapes “Arazi”, “Megrabuir”, apricots and peaches. In accordance with detailed analysis of existing technologies on refining of fruit and berry materials, integrated system will be developed to get high-qualitative, semi-finished products and extracts from various vegetables raw materials.

New methods for the choice of optimal combinations of ingredients are proposed to prepare strong fruit juices and extracts.

The technology for the production of strong drink as whisky of amaranth alcohol will be elaborated.

High productivity of technologies on refining of fruit and berry materials will be provided by low prime-cost and lack of some expensive ingredients (essence, dye-stuffs, aromatic products, colours).
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