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Dietetic Products and Food Additives
Категория: Пища | Новость от: Admin | 27-12-2005

1. Vegetable concentrate of food plants, capsules, candies or sweets made of this concentrate have ant allergic properties. It became possible after the discovery of psychological mechanisms of allergy occurring and due to important role of hypothalamus in this process.

They purify, regulate the work of organism, structure being responsible for allergic reaction. The sweets stabilize the results of the allergy treatment and have a positive effect for all its variants. They also have a prophylactic value.

These sweets promote the extraction of toxic substances from organism during chromic intoxications.

2. Sweets or capsules by using concentrates of food plants and products of working honey-bee. It promotes rapid restoration of blood vessels after cerebral crisis.

The elasticity of blood vessels walls is increased. It can be recommended as a prophylactic drug against cerebral crisis.

3. Sweets or capsules by using concentrates of food plants. Blood pressure is regulated. Raised pressure is reduced and low one is increased. They positively effect on cardiac rhythm.

4. Sweets by using concentrate of food plants and grape syrup promoting stirring up of metabolic processes; the level of cholesterol is normalized in blood. Depositions are dissolute inside of blood vessels and thrombus. They are also recommended as anti’s cleric drug.

5. Sweets or capsules made of concentrates of food plants. They can be recommended chronic inflammations of the organs of abdominal cavity. Acidity of the gastric juice and bile secretion is regulated. They beneficially effect on potency and sanitary processed during pancreatic and prostitutes.

6. Sweets or capsules by using of concentrates of food plants can be recommended for chronic illness of respiratory system. They have expectorating to the improvement of breathing and purification of respiratory ways.

7. Capsules by using mineral and vegetable components promote purification of the organism digestion from heavy metalloid, toxic and determinable substances.

8. “Doshab” in Armenian or “Bekmes” in Turkish “Shirak” in Persian thick grape syrup made by special way. In Middle East it is used as therapeutic or common food stuff.

Even Avicenna and medieval Armenian doctor Amirdovlat Amasiacci indicated useful properties of dоshab.

It activates organism metabolic processes and kidney functioning, increases motor function of stomach, regulates gastric juice secretion and improves appetite. It is used for the illness of the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, for disorder of the stomach functioning, anemia, podagra, chronic forms of tuberculosis, exhaustion of nervous system and chill diseases.

However, traditional method of doshab making has deficiencies.

Particularly, concentration of harmful substances is observed. The proposed technology gives an opportunity to produce it at the factory to avoid the formation of harmful substances and to increase beneficially effect of doshab on organism.

9. Sweetness is a thick flowing mass. It is made by using pure honey, kernels of walnuts, some spices and food plants. It is used for general attenuation of the organism, energizing of immune system. It increases vital forces. It improves the function of gastroentric system; increases general tonus of the organism resistance to physical loads. Particularly it is recommended for sportsmen and organism ageing.

Certain components of this stuff play an important role in ration of Caucasian inhabitants.

10. The refreshing drink, free of alcohol, made of milk by adding microelements and concentrates of food plants for reduction of raised blood pressure and activation of the process of digestion and saturation of the organism by requested elements.

11. Smelling powder from ecologically pure food plants for manufacturing of the tobacco and tobacco products it isn’t applied.

It causes sneezing and provides lungs ventilation, promotes the treatment of frontier, migraine, and rhinitis, reduces intracranial pressure, mucopurulen. On initial stage of influence its further development is stopped, prevents inflammatory processes in the area of cerebral cortex.

12. Refreshing drink free of alcohol from vegetable components it is used for dissolution of salt deposited in various parts of organism.

Its systemic application prevents the occurrence of salt metabolism disorder.
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