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Modeling Allergy and Natural Immunostimulators
Категория: Пища | Новость от: Admin | 27-12-2005

Allergy was chosen by G. Ohanian to be probation of the psycho physiological model of activity under conditions of pathologic changes of organism where interaction of psychical and physiological processes can be more apparently demonstrated. (Psychophysiology and Prevention of Allergy. Yerevan, 2000).

Charles Rischet, a prominent physiologist and psychologist, the co-founder (with Clemence Pirke) of contemporary allergology, was considering allergy as a hypersensitivity of organism, i.e. as a psycho physiological phenomenon. After Rischet, however, the study of allergy focused mostly on cellular level. The fact that not only individual cells or their groups, but also the whole organism, react upon allergy, was disregarded. This was the circumstance G. Ohanian paid attention to.

When allergic reactions were arranged on the model, he observed a lack of starting device of these reactions on the level of the entire organism. Besides, it was found out that the role of starting device plays as much broadly known phenomenon in psychology as is the erroneous recognition of images, or the illusion. This, however, is an unconscious process and is not realized by patients; what is realized is the result. G. Ohanian was first to prove that hypothalamus is treated the central key in emergence of allergic reactions.

It is the hypothalamic cells and structures that forcedly adapt to information processing as there are not respective matrixes of recognition of artificial compounds in them. From the very beginning, these are not ready to such information processing since the information relates to compounds that do not occur in nature. Numerous replications of this information bring to a disorder of mechanisms of recognition in relation to both the entire organism and individual cells, and this agitates allergic reactions.

After this, he selected eatable plants, which could clear up the hypothalamus and enable a normal functioning of the mechanism of recognition of elements that collide with organism. The extracts produced from these plants on a special technology served as supplements in candies, which were used as ordinary sweets. The tests have shown that the sweets could be used as a preventive means for allergic reactions. Thus, both the phase of result confirmation of special diet food treatment and psychological consultation can be added to a medical treatment of allergy. As environmental factors causing allergy continue to affect the organism even after treatment, a periodical use of this diet product prevents repetition of illness.

The cycle of research covers also studying of soma, an old Indian ritual drink that is repeatedly mentioned in Rigveda. Priests used to apply this drink for sacrifice and also used to drink it for stimulation of divine ecstasy and gaining an ability to prophesy. Nowadays this drink is used by Zoroastrians in their rites. G. Ohanian observed that this drink has also been instrumental in folk medicine in Armenia for centuries as a remedy for lung disease, cough and weakened organism. He presumes that this drink had had sacral and curable predestination 4-5 thousands years ago when ancestors of Hindu, Iranians and Armenians lived in a single territorial coverage.

Later on, as Hindu and Iranians move away from their fatherland, they started to outline in their recognition the divine origin and significance of the drink while gradually forgetting about its medical properties.

The opposite was with Armenians. After adoption of Christianity, which is known to prohibit such stimulation of prophecy charisma and pagan sacrifice, the national mind maintained only soma's curable features.

Another research of this cycle is dedicated to an old non-alcoholic drink produced from grapes that Armenian people call doshab, Turk and Russian languages-carriers - bekmes and Iranians - shireh. Many Middle Eastern nations used this drink for ages to rehabilitate the exhausted and weakened organism. In other words it served as a powerful immune stimulator. He surveyed the national legend, which tells that after being intoxicated by grape-wine, Noah, the Biblical forefather, invented this drink in order to preserve in it only useful agents of grapes. And, in order to frighten the evil forces off the process of boiling the grape juice, Noah added it with earth from which Adam was created. As was observed by G. Ohanian, a supplement of a certain type of clay into that drink prevents formation of carcinogenic agents. The number of carcinogenic agents will exceed all prudential standards should this sort of clay lack.

All these served a ground for G. Ohanian to develop a contemporary technology for production of doshab (bekmes). From this cycle of research, he developed technologies for production of 50 foodstuffs that are ecologically pure immune stimulator and can be used as prevention and treatment.

Author: Mr. Gagik Z. Ohanian

Academician, Armenian Technological Academy
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