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Space precast monolithic frame of the multi-storeyed seismic-resistant building with laped framework elements
Категория: Стр. тех. и арх. | Новость от: Admin | 27-12-2005

I. The field of technology – Earthquake Engineering Industrialized Construction.

Purpose – Space precast monolithic frame for the construction of seismic-resistant multi-storied buildings with a large number of stories (from 2 to 20 and more), bearing structures of which are erected by using one type of the serial production of the framed structure and the panels of diaphragm rigidity.

Information about ready scientific and technical developments – According to experimental and theoretical tests the behavior of the whole structure and its separate elements the albums of the work drawings of the elements of the frame and the joints of conjugations were developed during static and dynamic tests.

The performed tests - the behavior of the precast monolithic columns of the built-up sections during the axial and eccentric compression;

- the estimation of the concrete durability according to the height and depth of the section of the monolithic area of the recast monolithic columns;

- the behavior of the looped yokes of columns during the tension with restraint (constrained) support;

- the behavior of precast monolithic columns with a rapids step of the looped jokes;

- the performance of double-level fragment of the full-scale frame during static vertical and horizontal alternating loads;

- the performance of double-level fragment of the full-scale frame with overhanging during static vertical and dynamic horizontal loading;

Dynamic tests of 10 and 14-storeyed full-scale buildings.

Phenomenon, novelty and the main features of the structure – Despite the fact, that the frame is formed by precast products, its elements are continuous and split along the whole height, length and width of the building. Actually the diaphragms are passing through the cross-bars and the columns of the frame being reliability poured with them. The changing of the sizes of the column sections and the cross-bars doesn’t cause necessary change of the standard reinforced concrete element of the frame, the assembling of which is performed without using metal embedded elements and welded joints. Its manufacturing series production is provided according to the possibility of the erection of the building frame using only one type and sort of the standard unified element with a great repetition.

Obtained results – PMSK was tested by the construction of hundreds of residential and public buildings with a number of stories, including Armenia(Yerevan, Abovyan, Charentzavan and others), Russia (Kislovodsk, Essentuki, Vladicaucasus, Nalchik), Moldavia (Beltzi), Uzbekistan (Tashkent and various regions). No damages have been recorded during the construction, exploitation, testing and earthquakes.

Expected results of the suggested tests – The features of the behavior of multi-storied buildings with various types of reinforced concrete frame were shown in developed projects of “Instructions” and “Recommendations” taking into consideration the results of the Spitak disastrous earthquake. The results of the performed tests and the experience of construction will be summarized.

Equipment – The product can be manufactured both at the factory and at the testing ground by using metal moulds. The series production is also possible using special conveyer.
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