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Категория: Ест. и иск. матери. | Новость от: Admin | 27-12-2005

Plate zeolite and as a separate mineral is referred to the 7th structural group of geilandite containing stebite too; through according to zone crystalline properties it is close to the mordenite structure; clinopzeolite appears to be isostructure of the gitlandite.

Clinopzeolite characteristic feature is its monowedge singony with the following parameters of the lattice (elementary) cell

a = 7,41A0, b = 17,89A0, c = 15,85 A0

Clinopzeolite typical oxid from is (Na2, K2, Ca) 0. Al2O3. IOSiO2. 8H2O

Lattice cell idealized compound is:

Na2 [( AlO2) (SiO2) 30] . 24 H2O,

where as karshanow can be K+, Na+, Ca++, Mg++.

Lattice cell volume is 2100À03. Clinopzeolite destiny constituents 2,16 g/cm3, clinopzeolite carcase free volume is equal to 0,34 cm3/ cm3.

Clinopzeolite is a highly silicon zeolite Si/Ai relationship varies between 4,25 – 5,00.

Chemical composition of the clinopzeolite New Hohb deposit, Armenia.

(N.F. Gelishev and others «Clinopzeolite», VIENC M, Gelishev and others «Clinopzeolite», VIENC M, ies IV, 1974.

SIO2 - 65,45

TiO2 - 0,17

AL2O3 - 12,92

Fe2O3 - 0,84

FeO - 0,37

MnO - -

MgO - 0,90

CaO - 4,13

Na2O - 0,84

K2O - 1,96

H2O (+) – 7,22

H2O (-) - 5,30

P2O5 - 0,13


Clinopzeolite is characterized by a higher capability for cations ion exchange, containing zeolite of other cations.

So, Ca++ is fully substituted for K+ in clinopzeolite.

Selection series os the following;

Ca++ - 2 K+ > Pb+ > 2Na+ > 2Li+

Na+ - K+ > Pb+ ~ 1/2 Ca ++ ~ 1/2 Ba ++ ~ 1/2 S2++

K+ - Na + ~ Pb+ ~ 1/2 Ca ++ ~ 1/2 S2++ ~ 1/2 Ba ++

K+ - Li+

The change of the clinopzeolite substitution series is caused by the important role of the salvation of the exchanging cation. Actually, inability of the K+ substitution for Li+ is shown.

As All zeolites, clinopzeolite has molecular and sieve properties.

The size of the inlet ports of this zeolite is availble for the molecules with critical diameter 3,5 A0 (D. Break Zeolite molecular series, Pub. House «Mir», M, 1976, 12).

According to other data, diameter of the effective inlet ports doesn't exceed 4,4 Ao (R.M. Bezzen etc. J. Chem, 1964, 42, 116, 14881).

The particular feature of the clinopzeolite is 0an aqua quantity in intracrystalline spaces, which depends on zeolite cation form.

Example, for K+ from the content of water, % weight is 12% intracrystalline volume filled by water 26,2%.

Clinopzeolite has comparatievly higher adsorption property in relation to such compounds which according to their crystaline sizes can penetrate into micro pores of this zeolite (H2O, CH3OH, CO2, O2, N2).

The largest molecule can be absorbed in zeolite secondary pores and sorption’s on minerals containing clinopzeolite tuffs (Khor-Kohb deposit clinopzeolite compound varies between 60-90% in the rock)

Clinopzeolite – natural zeolite, the most probable formula (crystallochemical) is :

(NaK)4 Ca AL6 Si30O72 . 24 H2O

Zeolite crystaline structure is formed by tetrahedarons SiO4 and ALO4.

Surplus negative charge is compensated by cation for anion aluminosilicate zeolite skeleton.

Clinozeolite structure one of the most important zeolites is not completely revealed. In accordance with marketing and structural investigation it is close to geilandite. However these 2 zeolites differ from each other by ration Si/Al: for geilandite it is equal to 2,75 – 3, 25, for clinopzeolite – 4,25 – 5,25.

Besides these two types of the natural zeolites are different by the content of cations

In clinopzeolite it corresponds to(Na+ K) > (Ca+Mg)

it should be only stressed that the particular base unit of the clinopzeolite is sodalite structural model: compact (thick) packing of cub octahedrons (sodilite units) causes the formation of spaces which also are cub octahedrons by the shape.

Inlet ports in the sodilite space are sixnominal oxygen rings with free diamters A/S.
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