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Natural Zeolites and New Approches of Their Use in Agriculture
Категория: Ест. и иск. матери. | Новость от: Admin | 27-12-2005

Zeolites are aluminosilicates containing oxides of alkali, alkaline-earth metals, which are strictly differed by regular pore structures being filled by water under usual thermal temperature conditions.

General chemical formula of zeolites is the following: Me2/nO. Al2O3 – xSiO2 – yH2O (where M is the cation of the metal integrity, N is its valency.

Three-dimensional structure of zeolites is supported by tetrahedrons of SiO4 and ALO4. If the water is extracted from zeolites its pores will be filled with water or other agents once more predetermines their use.

Convertibility of hydration and dehydration processes occurs mainly in absorption hollows of zeolites. However, not all agents can be penetrated there because of the fact, that adsorption hollows are connected with each other by entrance – windows with certain sizes according to which the entrance of either agents into the windows or adsorption is limited.

Nitrogen fertilizing biological preparation – nitrogen was obtained by tubercle bacteria being applied for the inoculation of different vegetable objects.

Tubercle bacteria from the tubers in roots penetrating into the plants root system, so contributing to the establishment of symbiosis relations. The obtained ecologically pure preparation – nitrogen is based on using of high-active tubercle bacteria. It was subjected to tests under various soil and climatic conditions of Armenia. The tests were performed at researched offices of “Geographical Network of Nitrogen Experience (Leningrad)” in field conditions. Two certificates of authorship defend the strains. Various testing reports are obtained. Nitrogen is azoth-accumulated preparation increasing productivity of different cultures for more than 15-40%.

Preparation is harmless for the people, animals and environment.

Proposal: Seeds do not require the injection of nitrogen into the soil. A certain portion of zeolites is treated by liquid nitrogen preparation and injected into the soil, and then any culture can be sowed. The advantages are greater: zeolite supports soil architecture providing constant aeration, humidity containment, and dosage use of the biological preparation and extends the terms of its service with possible reactivation; Zeolite also increases the resistance of seeds for decrease. According to Japan, American scientists’ data and in accordance with our data the use of such kind of zeolite rises the productivity of cultures for more than 10-12 % and in combination with the proposed biological preparation the effect appeared to be higher at least > 2-2 3 times.

According to experts’ estimation there are milliard tones of zeolite in Armenia, specifically in Noyemberian region, villages Kokhb, Shirak and other regions with the higher content of clinopthiollite (>90%) in zeolite rockets.
As for the production of nitrogen, the technology was developed and all technical documents are provided. At present at the Laboratory of nitrogen fixation of micro organisms a large amount of this preparation is produced in liquid and lyophilic-dried forms being used by a number of private and state offices.
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