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Dr. Bagrat T. Garibdjanyan
Dr. Bagrat T. Garibdjanyan- Academician of the National Academy of Sciences Republic of Armenia ,
Director of the Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry after A. L. Mnjoyan,
Doctor, Professor of Medical Sciences,
Academician of Natural Sciences Academy of Russia, International Academy for Nature and Society, International Academy of Problems Safety.

Date of birth:
March 4, 1937

1960 - Yerevan State Medical Institute, Therapeutic Faculty.

1965 - Moscow Defence of Masters dissertation.
1976 - Kiev Doctors dissertation regarding to the research of carcinoma and its treatment by medicines.

From 1960 (40 years) Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry of NAS RA doctor chemotherapy, junior research worker, senior research worker, Laboratory , chief, Research Director, 1988, 1993. 1998 Director

237 works, including 3 monographs were published respectively in USA, Moscow, Yerevan. 29 patents for invention were given.

Participation in 14 All-Union and 5 International Scientific Conferences with reports.

The lectures have been given in the following countries: Hungary (1967), USA (1970,1973, 1992, 2002), Italy (1974, 1991), India (1980, 2001), Canada (1984), Germany (1991, 1992, 1999), Japan (1991), Switzerland (1999), Thailand (2001), France (2003).

3 anti-tumor compounds discovered by B.T. Garibdjanjan were subjected to preclinical and 2 clinical tests. According to obtained results the former MED EXPORT of the USSR was succeeded to introduce anti-tumor drug Ftuorafyur in Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, German, Arab countries, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Finland, USA and Japan.

At the territory of the former USSR one of the first (1976) Department was organized for preclinical testing of drugs. About 10 drugs produced by IFOCH have been investigated. Later they were submitted to International Pharmaceutical Committee for clinical trails. The tests of Armenikum have been performed in this Department.

American Germanic joint pharmaceutical enterprise was founded in Armenia, where the following drugs have been registered Iodine Povidon, Aspirin, Kepinol, Neuralgin, Enrofloxatine, Tetracycline, Corvalol, Amoxatsiline, Levomitstine. Their large scale production was organized.

The above mentioned preparations were estimated highly at the exhibitions of Euro-Pharmacy in Frankfurt and Montreal (1991).

Under his leadership 10 Masters and 3 doctorss dissertations have been defended.

1964-1972 Lecturer at the Chemical Faculty of Yerevan State University.

Mr. Bagrat Garibdjanjan is a member of International Scientific Society The Areas of New Methods of Carcinoma Treatment (1976), Medicino Biological Problem Committee of NAS RA (1993), Department of Natural Sciences of NAS RA (1995), Academic Boards of the Institutes of Molecular Biology and Amino acids of NAS RA and Pharmaceutical Inspection under Health Ministry, Vise-President of the Pharmacist Society of the RA (1998), America-Armenia, Canada-Armenia Societies, Independent Expert of INTAS (1999), Academician of the Armenian Medical Sciences and Society (1999).

His curriculum Vitae is published in International Encyclopedias Who is who in the World, The Man of Success (Progress), The Worlds Intellectuals,International Biographic Dictionary, Scientific Leaders of the XXI century.

In 1999 he was recognized the Man Year by USA Biographical Centre.

He is the member of the Edditional Board of the Journal ChemPharm issued in RD and translated in abroad and Armenian Biology Journal

For services in science he was granted by Great Gold Medal after Kitazato (Japan 1991), Silver Medal after I.P. Pavlov and J.I. Vernadskiy. (Russian Academy of Natural Sciences 200-2001), Honorary Diploma of NAS RA and various foreign research Centers.

In 2002, the title Laureate of the National Association of Sponsors Producers in French with Gold Medal, badge and corresponding Diploma, Gold Medal after Erklikh were awarded.

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