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Dr. Carlos D. Danielyan
Leading Investor

Date and place of birth:
January 1, 1928, Gyumri, Armenia, repatriate from Istanbul.

1966 - Yerevan Medical Institute, Medical faculty.
1956 - Yerevan Polytechnic Institute Electromechanical faculty
1951 - Yerevan, Conservatoire after Komitas , acting faculty

2001 - A member of the Presidium of Armenian Technological Academy.
2000 - The first man in Armenia who was awarded the title Honored Rationalization of the Republic of Armenia.
1980 - PH. D. Bachelor of Science.
1963-1978 - Chairman of the Medical Section of Armenian Association of all Union Society for Discoveries and Findings.

1994 up to now - Consultant of a number of medical research offices.
1978-1994 - At the same place. Director of the Department for Pregnant Pathology.
1974-1978 - Yerevan Republic Clinical Hospital. Laboratory Artificial Kidney, engineer.
1967-1974 - Yerevan Clinical Maternity Hospital after Areshyan, Obstetrician gynecologist.
1963-1967 - Clinical hospital after Geolyan. Laboratory Artificial Kidney, engineer.
1951-1960 - Armenian State Symphony orchestra, bassoner

The author of more than 160 discoveries and Rationalization proposals and 16 issued scientific works.

1. Combined Method for Treatment of the uterine neck Erosion. XVII-th Anniversary Scientific Session dedicated to 35 years of foundation of Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Proceeding of the session. December 27-28 , 1966 , p.p 26-28.
2. Urocaminazal and histidinazalactivity of the blood during complicated, toxic pregnancy. Journal Experimental and clinical Medicine. Y. vol.XIII, 1973 N1, p.41.
3. The use of enteric, free of probe oxygen therapy for treatment of late toxaemia of pregnancy. The same place. 1974, N6, p.81.
4. Treatment of late toxaemia of pregnancy by introgastral oxygen therapy free of probe. Journal Public Health, Yerevan, 1975, N2, p.34.
5. Urocaninazal and histidinazal activity in pregnant womens blood suffering from toxaemia before and after enteric oxygen therapy. Journal Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 1976. Vol. 6. p.33.
6. Urocaninazal and histidinazal activity of pregnant womens peripheral blood, suffering from late toxaemia before and after enteric oxygen therapy free of probe. Authors abstract of dissertation presented for PH. D. degree. Yerevan, 1979, p.15.
7. Estimation of aggravating factors and relative indications for the operation of caesarean section. Methodical recommendations. Health Ministry of Armenian SSR, Y., 1982.
8. Drawing of fetus during caesarean section for the prolaps of umbitical cord. Journal Medical Science Vol. XII, N4, 2001, Yerevan, p.163.
9. Set of nozzles for womens embryonic with the scar in uterus. The same place, p164.
10. Delivery in water. The same place, 2001, N4 p.112-115.
11. Estimation Table of Aggravating factors and relative indications for the operation of caesarean section. The same place, pp. 115-119.
12. Danielyans hecsage Collection of proceedings and reports. National Institute of Public Health after S.KH. Avdalbekyan. Yerevan, 2002. pp. 178-180.
13. Prophylaxis and arrest of haemostasis during caesarean section. The same place.
14. Nozzle for aspiration of the uterus cavity after caesarean section. Armenian Bulletin of Surgery, Yerevan Mikaelyans Institute of Surgery. National Academy of Sciences of RA 2002, N1 pp 10-11.
15. The device for operating incision of the uterus wall during caesarean section. The same place, pp 11-12.
16. Caesarean section. The authors issue, 2002, 175 pages.

Armenian Famous Doctor and Leading Inventor Dr. Carlos Danielyan

Dr. Carlos Danielyans each of 160 discoveries the list and abstracts of which are shown here is a subject for a separate book or even if a large article.

Without exaggeration it should be stressed that for decades they often surpassed the vital level of science and engineering. It happens so that it is usually difficult to implement good ideas because of the lack of requested materials or certain elements of the created model arent complied with the problem put by at the given stage of science and engineering. And the idea actually comes to nothing.

Even for the most complicated problem he as a true inventor finds out original at the same time simple and easy solution and inexperienced observer can only be amazed how it happened that before Carlos Danielyan nobody could arrive at any conclusion. There is an expression genius simplicity.

It is the most exact characteristics of his creative work.

For centuries the medicine has struggled against infertility. In 1978 the group of English scientists was succeeded to perform artificial fecundation of the zygote outside of mothers organism in glass with the following return to womb. Then some Moscow newspapers tried to find out that C.Danielyan was an author of this idea who nearly 12 years before it in 1966 has described in detail and scientifically motivated the technology of this operation.

Now artificial kidney is widely used in medicine and many people dont know at least only some scientists know that Dr.C.Danielyan took an active part in the development of their initial variants and his work has played a certain role in the solution of this problem and his ideas in this trend were performed only partially. His idea about the methods of purification of cerebrospinal fluid is working for its time. Here it is the freshest case. In 1969 the project of construction of space lift and transportation of goods through outer-space was proposed. Even for the author of these lines who has been in problems on forecasting of the development of technologies for a long time this idea seeded to be the work of his imagination in any case far from reality. However in 2002 it was reported by American press that National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has already allocated funds for the firm from Seattle in amount of o,5 million dollars for development of analogous project. According to the scientists estimations all in all 10 years will be needed for the implementation of the project. At the same time being first-rate surgeon and obstetrician gynecologist Mr. C.Danielyan believes that his discoveries in this area will be applied for the organization of elite maternity hospitals where the level of service and medical aid will be higher. There are dozens of discoveries only in this area. Quite recently in 2002 his monograph Cesarean section (operation) was issued. According to his rich experienced work (more than 1000 operations) new, more modern variants of this operation are proposed, due to which the loss of blood is decreased for more than 5 times. Meanwhile the specialists know, that cesarean section is one of the bloodiest operations in surgery.

Altogether there are several monographers regarding to this theme in world practice and in specialists opinion Mr. Danielyans book is the last word and a new stage for the solution of this problem.

Our indefatigable explorers another interesting project is the construction of the board for which simultaneously wind, sun, water energy will be applied. For each type of this energy he has found out new, original solutions.

The exhibition of the ecologically pure advanced medical technologies and presentation of measures on environmental protection is planned to organize on the board. Due to this exhibition and its design the ship will become actual realization of the human and nature harmony.

It is more chance that this trend is very important for his philosophy and practical work.

He is also worried about catastrophic reduction of the number of forests and trees on the planet. That is why he created Danielyans trots for the plantations of various trees seeds being planted in rocky soils by this trots can change lunar landscapes of the territories and its method of sea-water desalination can promote planting trees and shrubs in most desert sea-shores.

Mr. C.Danielyans love of music was also reflected in his creative work. For more than 300 years the famous Gildjyan family in Istanbul, later in USA has made musical bells and dulcimers by ringing. Unfortunately, the secret of their production has been lost because of the family male line dying Mr. Danielyan has restored and this ancient technology.

For several years the Government of Armenia has declared the development of technologies for the countries priority trends. It is very promising as it corresponds to mentality and historical fate of our people. Despite of the difficulties Armenian scientists continue their noble cause. They create their best works and among this glorious contingent Mr. C.Danielyan is making progress with confidence.

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